Scottish Enterprise Awards 2019

5 | SME NEWS - Scottish Enterprise Awards 2019 Finding the right lighting solution is an aspect of interior design that cannot be overstated. Clients do not want a lighting solution that will hurt their eyes, or cause pain, nor do they want ones that do not provide enough light. For more than thirty years, David Brown Design Group has operated with a reputation for delivering innovative and creative design solutions. We cast a light on the firm to highlight their shining success following their inclusion in SME News’ Scottish Enterprise Awards 2019. Lighting is one of the most fundamental requirements for any environment, enabling people to fully appreciate it in all of its glory. The need to get the right lighting is imperative in creating the perfect atmosphere, and for clients based in Scotland, there is only one place to go. Established in 1988 by David Brown, his firm has since grown over three decades to become a multi-award-winning company, which specialises in creative lighting solutions for both the commercial and residential markets across Scotland. For the team at DBDG, the specialisation covers a wide range of prestigious lighting designs that are divine for the most discerning domestic and commercial clients. With a myriad of services, there is sure to be something for everyone. From simple consultations through to switching a light on the first time, the team at DBDG are always on hand to make sure that they guide their clients through every stage of the process, whilst remaining as unbiased as possible. Instead of pushing a product or a certain type of lighting solution, David and his team value honesty and integrity above all else. Never overselling an idea, the team work tirelessly to get to know a client first and foremost, before then advising them on the best option for their lighting needs in regard to quality and cost. Guiding the client through choosing the right lighting solution can prove to be invaluable for many clients who may not be overly familiar with what to look for on their own. However for David and his team it is about more than just delivering an excellent and professional service; it is about doing it in the right way. Expertly balancing quality of life with the services it provides, DBDG actively encourages its employees in finding the right work-leisure Best Residential Lighting Design Company 2019 balance as it can help reflect on the relaxed and informal way that the firm then works with it clients. More importantly than fulfilling targets and goals, the team ensures every client feels at ease, and as though they are in safe hands throughout the entire process. Once the process begins, clients can expect only the highest level of service from consultation right the way through to design, installation and procurement of the necessary parts. Prior to any work being carried out, requirements and site reviews are arranged to ensure that all parties are on the same page as to what will be happening. Then, each design is put together to create a bespoke solution that is totally reflective of the clients requirements. Having worked alongside companies and private individuals across the United Kingdom, DBDG has cemented itself as a go-to partner for those discerning clients who require the most prestigious and pristine lighting solutions. Able to deliver anything from LED backlighting to ceiling lights, David and his team are more than just crafting well-lit spaces; they are enabling clients and their users to fully appreciate the space they are in. Technology continues to be a part of almost every area of modern life at the moment, and it is no different for the industry of lighting solutions. David and his team work to incorporate technology into their lighting solutions, on the condition that it does keep it simple and easy, despite the technology behind the scenes being incredibly advanced. Lighting solutions can now include voice-activated technology to make modern life even easier for people in modern society. Undoubtedly, Brexit and the potential for upcoming votes on Scottish independence will have an impact on the business at DBDG, but the team remain squarely focused on doing the best job they possibly can at the moment. Rather than be brought down in political stagnation, the firm is actively looking at developing its own brand of products and lighting solutions, keen to further cement itself as radically unique within its field. In spite of the political uncertainty and continuing advancement of technology for lighting solutions, DBDG is focused on it remaining a people-driven industry. Understanding clients and reassuring them that their lighting solution will be the right one with, David and his team have worked tirelessly over the last thirty years to deliver the best possible lighting for discerning and wise clients who want guests to fully experience their spaces. Company: David Brown Design Group Ltd. Contact: David Brown Website: