Scottish Enterprise Awards 2020

10 | Scottish Enterprise Awards 2020 we are aiming to be the best letting agency in Edinburgh, and then Scotland. To help us achieve this we want to see our tenants, landlords and staff engage with us as much as possible. A happy tenant makes for a happy landlord and happy staff, so we will continue to value great working relationships. “Through our business model we would like to develop relationships with other suppliers, and if there is something we are not getting right, we need to know so we can improve and get this right so that everyone is happy.” Company: H3 Property Scotland Ltd Contact: Jonathon Whitten Website: Located in Edinburgh, H3 Property Scotland Ltd is a family-run lettings agency. Having recently found success in SME News’ Scottish Enterprise Awards 2020, we caught up with Residential Lettings Agent of the Year (Edinburgh), Jonathan Whitten to find out more to find out more about the exceptional service both he and the rest of the team at H3 Property Scotland Ltd effortlessly provides to their clients. Established in 2018, H3 Property Scotland Ltd is relatively new to the industry, but the Whitten family have been involved in all aspects of property over the last 20 years. To begin, Jonathon provides us with an overview of the firm and offers an insight into some of the goals it aims to achieve through its unique service. “Here at H3 Property Scotland Ltd, our goal is to maximise landlords’ returns whilst minimising the stress and uncertainty that can be involved in renting out properties to private individuals. While promising hassle-free and high profit rentals, we typically offer clients two types of management packages. “With the standard eight per-cent management package, we will manage your property, advertise for tenants, take eight per-cent, and charge these deductions to your account, produce monthly statements, carry out at least two inspections per year and organise safety certificates and repairs. Alternatively, with the 365-management package we will effectively become your tenant and sub-let your property, guaranteeing you rent 365 days a year while being responsible for repairs and safety certificates.” As a family-based company much of the firm’s success can be attributed to the trust and dedication of its staff, and as Jonathon goes on to explain, accepting responsibility will be key to the firm’s growth prospects moving forward. “Each individual has their own role within the company, and we trust them to perform in an effective and professional manner. Typically, each role suits the different attributes of the team which allows the business to grow and gives everyone a growth mindset.” Despite the outbreak of COVID-19, the firm has recently seen a rise in demand for properties, and Residential Lettings Agent of the Year (Edinburgh): Jonathan Whitten Nov20021 as Jonathon points out, the pandemic has slightly altered the kind of clients the firm work with. “Currently, we are supplying temporary accommodation and emergency housing with the need to protect people in their own homes. Prior to the pandemic we mainly dealt with families and vulnerable people, but this has now changed with us dealing with single people who have become homeless through no fault of their own (rent increases, landlords selling etc). Through our 365-management package in particular, we would like to think we are providing a true service to the community, keeping people in homes that may otherwise be on the streets.” Brining the interview to a close, Jonathon signs off by discussing a some of the main benefits of the firm’s location, before outlining the exciting plans which lie in the pipeline for H3 Property Scotland Ltd in the years to come. “It’s ideal for us to be based in Edinburgh given it’s the capital of the country. Moving forward,