Scottish Enterprise Awards 2020

17 | Scottish Enterprise Awards 2020 Oct20633 Best Offshore Island Guest Accommodations 2020 Beginning as a traditional bed and breakfast in 2005, shortly after Sara set out to change the perception of Scottish B&B’s by modernising the accommodation. “Naturally, I wanted my business to be an extension of me, warm, friendly, and Scottish,” Sara begins to explain. “Having spent 12 years of my life meeting the most interesting people from all parts of the world, everyone had a story, I got to see a part of their lives and serve which really made me adore my work. The business was like a part of my personality, and it was never a chore. With nine rooms each including an en-suite and offering wonderful views of Rothesay Bay, I just wanted people to feel at home. “However, I soon realised the age old ‘Scottish B&B’ didn’t always conjure up quality or style or even a positive stay. Determined to change that, after returning from seven years working in Singapore and Bangkok, I brought back their superb attitude to service. The Singapore service industry is second to none, and it was their pride in doing everything well which made me realise that we often let ourselves down in the UK. Quite often B&B’s were just not good enough or clean enough, and they were often run by people who didn’t take pride in what they did. Should a guest not be happy, I would do anything to correct it and I take that as my mission.” Self-catering accommodation offers guests a sense of freedom and alongside its wide range clientele, these two factors have mostly contributed to the popularity of The Boat House Super Suites, as Sara informs us. “After a 16-week renovation period, we had five luxury suites, all offering sea views, and coming with large powerful showers. Whether our guests wanted an area to work or dine in, I just wanted to offer a good quality hotel with the flexibility that self-catering brings. Nobody on the Isle of Bute or even on the west coast at that time were offering a set of suites to stay at, so naturally our launch was positively accepted by my guests. Most that return are delighted with the space now offered with a separate bedroom and lounge available. People now want style, quality, and they also want freedom and ironically privacy too.” Following the recent outbreak of COVID-19, it is anticipated that Scotland will attract more tourists to the historic country over the coming years. Moreover, as Sara points out, she is particularly proud of the way the industry handled the pandemic. “When COVID-19 hit us it totally decimated the hospitality sector. However, our suites were ideal for guests when we were allowed to open again in July 2020. Contactless entry, nobody ever disturbed within their suite, guests were free to come and go as they pleased in a safe and clean environment. Inadvertently, many others took the same approach, but I’m glad we did.” With its unparalleled beauty Scotland is simply breathtaking as a country, and The Isle of Bute in particular has so much to offer people seeking the outdoors. Post COVID-19, it’s now about being close to nature and outdoor activities for the family such as walking, cycling and even sea swimming. In addition to this, Bute’s accessibility means it remains the perfect place to unwind and relax in Scotland. Looking ahead to what the future holds for the business, the team at The Boat House Super Suites will continue to provide an exceptional service to guests, ensuring that it exceeds their expectations. Most importantly, Sara and the team will continue to further establish The Boat House Super Suites’ reputation for being one of the best offshore island guest accommodations available. Company: The Boat House Super Suites Contact: Sara Goss Website: The Boat House Super Suites offer sea-view accommodation and breakfast on the Isle of Bute. Following its recent success in SME News’ Scottish Enterprise Awards 2020, we caught up with Sara Goss to find out more about one of the best offshore island guest accommodations available on the market today.