Scottish Enterprise Awards 2020

20 | Scottish Enterprise Awards 2020 Oct20548 Best Bespoke Catering & Hospitality Company 2020 Entier, based in Scotland, is a provider of bespoke quality catering and related services, working across a variety of sectors such as education, oil & gas and various business areas, extending to high-quality catering for corporate events, private functions and weddings. As well as working across Scotland and the UK, Entier has activities worldwide and can operate in over 25 countries including Canada, the USA, Trinidad and Tobago, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Asia and Australia. The company has core values which not only centre around enhancing general food standards and providing exceptional service to clients, but also hinge on a strong safety management system which is supported by long-lasting ISO certifications. Another core value is working as a family: “We place people at the centre of what we do and genuinely care about our teams and each individual in them,” he begins. “We also strive to create and maintain a quality relationship with our partners and clients.” Working with local suppliers allows Entier to source quality, sustainable and ethical produce, and getting invested in the communities it interacts with is a top priority to not only work alongside them but to also give back as much as possible. Entier was founded back in 2008 after it was established that there was a need for standards considerably higher than the industry’s average. This is also Entier’s unique selling point. The team of founders who incepted the company were not only experienced but committed to changing what they were disillusioned regarding quality standards and working practices in catering. “Having celebrated our 12th birthday in 2020, we believe that the awards we have received throughout the years (including the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in International Trade) are a strong indicator of not only how well we have been doing but also of our uniqueness.” The chefs at Entier are passionate about exceptional food and being based in Scotland means there is a lot to hand. From responsibly sourced meats and game to seafood, vegetables and fruits and berries, to the rich selection of locally made products such as confectionery and bakery, cheeses and dairy products, fine preserves, ice creams and ales. “We have absolutely everything at our disposal to deliver quality and healthy catering with a wonderful touch of identity.” On top of the family values that underlie everything Entier does and believes in, the company also strives to create a culture based on skill, passion and dedication. While the team always looks for proven or anticipated talent, there is also a strong focus on soft skills in its recruitment process. “Be in love with what you do while focused on it, be appreciative, respectful and giving and you will have a good chance of working for us!” Like so many other businesses worldwide, Entier has been seriously impacted by Covid-19. Some of its divisions have remained afloat although being slowed down and having to adapt their working environment and practices, but other parts of the business such as such as FRESH ( had to almost completely stop their activities for months and are still far from running as they did early 2020. Entier’s events division Wilde Thyme ( was the worst hit by the pandemic and the consequences in terms of revenue, employment and mental health have been among the worst Entier has ever had to face. But this has not dampened spirits at the company and the whole of the business is keen to retrieve a decent amount of normality in order to resume business as usual. “In the meantime, we are in the process of creating online sales services, in order to help some of our existing B2B activities and to also target a B2C market that is quite new to us but rather promising.” (see “At this point in time we cannot anticipate on the success of this (partial) transition, but we are focusing on it as it seems that online sales will only keep growing in the months to come.” Whilst it may be difficult to assert anything about the future, the company and its dedicated teams have worked very hard to ensure that it comes out of the current situation focused and stronger and having further evolved to be able to meet customer requirements in a post Covid-19 world. “Hopefully in a few months’ time we will be able to work again on the company’s sustainable growth, for both our usual activities and our developing online sales, as our passion and determination remain unchanged.” Company: Entier Limited Contact: Website: The catering and events industry has been one of the most hard hit areas during the Covid-19 pandemic. We speak to Peter Bruce, Entier Limited’s CEO and find out about the team’s attempt to diversify to better get through it.