Scottish Enterprise Awards 2020

23 | Scottish Enterprise Awards 2020 Oct20907 Leading Champions in Men’s Mental Health 2020 At the UC-MindSolutions Therapy Centre, the team specialises in helping clients beat addictions such as smoking, drinking, gambling, and drug use, as well as helping clients lose weight, manage stress and pain, increase motivation, overcome anxiety, depression, or phobias, and improve sports psychology performance. The unifying thread that links all of these services together is the emphasis on fostering good mental health, and teaching clients how to take care of their own mental health. From therapy services, to addiction-beating services, weight loss aid, and support in beating stress, anxiety, depression, and pain, UC-MindSolutions can help its clients overcome a wide range of issues. The key way in which the firm does this is by offering its clients the highly exclusive PILAR change program, since it was developed within the centre and has been shown to be one of the most effective programs for producing very quick and easy results with a variety of issues that clients wish to change about their lives. The PILAR change program has proven so successful that it has often been featured on TV and in national newspapers, as well as being taught in University academic courses across the country. The PILAR Sports Performance Psychology program, which was first created and used within the world of boxing back in 2007. Since then, it has grown and been used successfully by professional and amateur sportspeople alike in the fields of football, golf, snooker, darts, and athletics. UC-MindSolutions uses the PILAR Sports Performance Psychology Program because it has been shown to be quick and effective at producing improvements and results in motivation, focus, determination, controlling stress, and managing a physiological state. All of these psychological and physiological improvements can help sports clients perform to their optimal best, and as consistently as possible. Yet, there are also valuable tools in the fight against addiction, depression, and the other areas in which UC-MindSolutions tries to help its clients. This is coupled with the outstanding facilities at UC-MindSolutions, which includes various therapy rooms, a weight loss room, a massage room, an interactive CBT area, and a fully equipped gym. Each PILAR program is carried out as a six-session package, which includes a free MP-3 player for every client to record sessions. This ensures that the clients can repeatedly listen to their sessions in order to make it easier and quicker to get results, especially for those that want to achieve results at speed. However, one of the main focuses of UC- MindSolutions is men’s mental health, workplace stress, and anxiety management. COVID-19 has seen addiction rates and suicide rates skyrocket, especially with many people turning to addiction to help cope with stress, anxiety, or depression. Therefore, UC-MindSolutions provides therapy within a sports environment to help men talk and share, whilst using physical activity to help cope without the need to turn to drugs or alcohol. The firm is also focused on helping workplaces train their staff in mental health and anxiety awareness so that they can cope better with the changes which have happened to their work and life patterns due to COVID-19. Dr. Alan Curley the Director of UC-MindSolutions has recently written a media-acclaimed book called ‘Playing the Game of your life, which deals with how to cope with a changing world and highlights the traits and techniques which can be trained in order to help people develop and reach their potential in these difficult times. UC-MindSolutions has grown to become Scotland’s number one leading company for the provision of sports psychology to professional sportspeople and teams, and it is also now Scotland’s leading provider of workplace stress and anxiety management training sessions for employees. The importance of mental health has never been more prevalent that it is right now, and the work of UC-MindSolutions in delivering men’s mental health awareness training is outstanding. The firm deserves every recognition and every success as it continues to deliver life- saving work. Company: UC-MindSolutions Ltd Contact: Dr. Alan Curley Website: Email : Mob: 07888693312 Mental health is absolutely imperative for everybody, although there has been enormous focus on the importance of men’s mental health in recent years. Now more than ever, with the United Kingdom still embroiled in national lockdown due to COVID-19, taking care of mental health is crucial. UC-MindSolutions is focused on doing just that, and is an award-winning therapy and sports psychology centre located in Paisley near Glasgow. Find out how this friendly centre is unique in its creation as a one-stop-shop for helping people improve their lives and being a champion for men’s mental health.