Scottish Enterprise Awards 2020

26 | Scottish Enterprise Awards 2020 Oct20540 Most Friendly Custom Accountancy Firm 2020 Established in 2015 as a single owner-managed business in Galashiels in the Scottish borders, NS24 is today a trusted accountancy firm that has replaced the stale, traditional values of accountancy with a relaxed, friendly, and accommodating business that works in partnership with its clientele of new starters looking to streamline or grow their business. As a one-stop-shop structured firm that brings together accountants, bookkeepers, and advisors, NS24 is able to provide services in bookkeeping, accounts, payroll, tax, and strategic business advice, all tailored to the needs of their clients. In some cases, clients use NS24’s services for certain elements of their business whilst handling the rest in-house or with a second accountant, depending on their situation. NS24’s reputed flexibility accommodates any arrangement their client prefers, working with them to provide service that meets and exceeds their expectations. Fundamentally, NS24 considers the success of its clients their success too. Small enough to care and deliver personalised service whilst simultaneously experienced enough to deliver professionalism and strong outcomes, the firm takes the time to understand a client and their business so as to provide financial solutions that work best for them. Having started from scratch itself, NS24 has a profound understanding of the challenges facing any new business, and it is this empathy that enables the firm to be the ideal partner for its clients. Moreover, the firm is registered with the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB) and the team undertakes regular training with the institution to ensure consistency within the firm and to maintain the high standards of excellence in their services provided. In addition, NS24 utilises cloud-based technologies and modern applications such as Xero and Quickbooks, allowing the firm to establish reliable digital communications with clients but also removing geographical boundaries. As such, NS24 is able to provide its services to clients across the UK, creating innovative, modern solutions to accounting and business problems whilst maintaining the friendly reputation it has become known for across the Scottish borders and beyond. “I love being based in Scotland, and I love the Scottish Borders in particular,” says Joanne Turner, founder of NS24. Whilst servicing clients all across the UK, this growing firm is creating jobs in the beautiful Borders that often sees jobs disappearing. As an expanding enterprise that is embracing technology, NS24 has positioned itself as a bookkeeping and accountancy firm that is unlike any other in its area. As a result, NS24 has seen continued growth in its client base, even throughout the pandemic. Whilst many businesses have felt significant impacts as a result of Covid-19, Joanne considers herself fortunate that NS24’s mixed clientele lessened the blow slightly for her firm, giving her a chance to give back to her community. As ever, NS24 prioritised the needs of its clients and made the decision not to charge extra for assisting clients facing the additional challenges presented by the pandemic. In addition, Joanne and her team have kept in regular contact with their clients, finding out how they are faring through the pandemic and offering their support where they can. Clients have responded very positively to NS24’s thoughtful loyalty over the past year and the firm has witnessed an increase in its service demands as a result. In particular, more clients are turning to NS24 for assistance with payroll as, having handled them in-house previously, they have found the added complications of furlough schemes tricky to manage and have therefore outsourced this function. NS24 is, as always, a willing assistant and partner in helping clients manage these matters and more. With more challenging months undoubtedly ahead, NS24 remains committed to offering its help wherever it can, driven by its ardent belief that every business has the potential to be a success, even if they require some support along the way. NS24 will continue to develop its own technological understanding in order to stay at the cutting-edge of developments in its industry and share its insights with NS24 clients to boost their own business success. In helping the businesses of its clients to flourish, there is no doubt that NS24 will continue to do the same. Company: NS24 Ltd Contact: Joanne Turner Website: NS24 is a proudly untraditional firm of accountants that is friendly and accommodating, giving their clients the freedom to streamline or grow their business. Situated in the Scottish borders, NS24 seeks to form a close partnership with its clients, providing them with experienced expertise, transparent costs, and proficient use of cutting-edge technology. From humble beginnings, Founder Joanne Turner has grown NS24 into a trusted bookkeeping firm catering to a broad range of accountancy needs.