Scottish Enterprise Awards 2020

31 | Scottish Enterprise Awards 2020 Nov20087 Best Kitchen & Bathroom Installations Company - Central Scotland When social housing landlords in Central Scotland are looking for a kitchen and bathroom installation company, there are few names held in higher esteem than the team at MCN. The firm has become the backbone of the industry, with over thirty housing associations trusting them to deliver exceptional work. The main selling point of MCN is its ability to install facilities to a high standard, and with an incredible level of satisfaction. This satisfaction comes not just from the long life most users get from an MCN kitchen, with a fifteen year lifespan expected from each installation, but from the speed with which such facilities can be fitted. The work is often completed within a single day. For this small firm, the challenges of procurement have been inherent since the doors first opened. Many companies currently organise procurement and then they try to sell it as a package to housing associations. When these companies take on smaller providers such as MCN, they get a fitter who is local, who needs the challenges involved and who can react quickly to any teething problems that might arise. Too often, big companies who can talk a good game end up delivering less than satisfactory work. Something that the team at MCN would like to see is more of their potential clients looking at the final results of a project, as opposed to referring to the European Single Procurement Document (ESPD) alone. For SMEs like MCN, this creates many difficulties as often their ESPDs fail to meet the top 5 scoring selection. For them, the work done, scored on the team’s ability to install kitchens or bathrooms to a specific timescale and not just talking about it through an ESPD would showcase their abilities much more effectively. Certainly, it would separate a lot of the fact from the fiction. As such, the team at MCN know that they can stand apart by delivering work that is consistently exceptional. To do this, the firm hires staff who can do the best quality job possible. They must be able to work as part of a team within occupied properties in order to achieve the best possible satisfaction for tenants. Because the workforce is so key to the success of MCN, they are treated incredibly well. Their work is truly the backbone of the firm. Looking ahead, the future seems bright for the team at MCN. Despite the challenges inherent in the procurement process, there is a great deal of work available for companies that not only have the experience, but the evidence that they can achieve the high standard required. Despite the difficulties that many businesses faced during 2020, the team have been able to achieve a full order book for 2020-21 and have tenders in process for a number of 3-5 year contracts. The growth of the firm, therefore, is not just in building up business in installations, but expanding the services that the team can offer. They have selected the electrical market as complimentary to their current work, and are exploring ways of growing this part of the firm in the future. It’s been a delight to celebrate the success of MCN this year, and we hope to continue seeing the team flourish for years to come. Company: MCN (Scotland) Ltd Contact: Andrew Shearer Email: The fitting of kitchens and bathrooms is always a contentious issue. It’s often something that has to be done, but always causes inconvenience. The team at MCN (Scotland) Ltd have a long and proud track record of installing these facilities, able to get the job done within the day. Following their astonishing success in the Scottish Enterprise Awards, we take a closer look to see how they’ve achieved such success.