Scottish Enterprise Awards 2020

32 | Scottish Enterprise Awards 2020 Oct20872 Angus Home Care Team of the Year 2020 With an aging population, the demand for businesses to meet the care needs of today is constantly growing. The team at Castle Care Scotland know this better than most. Run as a family concern, a talented team with over 50 years combined experience are on hand to ensure that what their clients need, they are able to provide. At the heart of the process for Castle Care Scotland is a commitment to giving people real choice and control over their care needs. The guide is always to work to empowering people to make decisions, and achieve the personal outcomes that they want to see. To do this, the team take the time to listen and understand what you want to achieve, learning about what is most important now and in the future. This information forms the basis of a detailed plan to get the help and support people need. The team takes the time to provide a holistic approach to care. Far away from focusing on their specific area, the Castle Care Scotland attitude involves loved ones and health and care professionals as much as possible. By working from the same baseline, it’s possible to create a comprehensive care package that supports the user to do what they never thought they might be able to do. When Castle Care Scotland come into someone’s life, it is primarily to support people in their own homes. This means providing support which will assist them to achieve their maximum level of independence and have a good home life. Gaining independence here provides the confidence to make more decisions in other parts of people’s lives. The services on offer vary extraordinarily, in order to take into account an individual’s lifestyle choices, culture and wishes. The team are able to offer personal care such as washing, bathing and dressing, shopping, companionship and supervision, respite care at home, dementia care at home, live in care, domestic services such as meal preparation and housework and someone to leisure and socialise with. With such a range of different options, it’s easy to see why many turn to Castle Care Scotland. Their carers will assist for anything from 1hr a day up to 24 hrs a day. Each case is different, and each person’s needs will vary as time goes on. If more hours are required because of an operation, or less as they get better, the Castle Care Scotland team are ideally equipped to react. It’s not often that a care provider ensures so thoroughly that their care matches the needs of their clients, but that’s precisely the reason behind Castle Care Scotland’s incredible success. Their specificity and consideration are why so many people trust them to look after those who need the help the most. Company: Castle Care Scotland Ltd Contact: June Macay Email: Finding a care solution is far from easy, even in ideal circumstances. Every person has different needs, and this means that a bespoke solution must be found. The team at Castle Care Scotland Ltd have a wealth of experience in providing a person centric approach to care that is sure to settle any worries that might arise. We take a closer look in the light of their astonishing success. The guide is always to work to empowering people to make decisions, and achieve the personal outcomes that they want to see.