Scottish Enterprise Awards 2020

4 | Scottish Enterprise Awards 2020 Oct20694 Best Road Safety Distance Learning Provider 2020 & Award for Excellence in Business Resilience 2020 The history of road safety for pedestrians is long and complex. The values of the Green Cross Code, of SPLINK, of THINK!, are ingrained in people of all ages across the United Kingdom. For drivers, many assume that the test for their driving license would be enough, but bad habits can cause the most devastating accidents. The team at TTC Group know this better than most. For the last twenty-six years, they have been committed to delivering road safety programs that really make a difference to those sitting behind the wheel. TTC Group was founded in 1993, with a team who had been involved in the original pilot scheme in England for what later became the Drink Drive Rehabilitation Scheme (DDRS). This long and passionate history for road safety has seen the team flourish as the UK’s largest and most experienced road safety organisation. The growth of TTC Group has matched the changing attitudes of people towards drivers, meeting the public need for safety over the years. One of the biggest signs of the team’s success in the industry was when they gained approval from UKROEd to develop and deliver National Driver Offender Retraining Scheme (NDORS) courses on behalf of UK police forces. This was in 2000, and allowed the team to make a huge step forward. Now TTC Group has been appointed to by 14 UK police forces to deliver the National Speed Awareness retraining, demonstrating the high regard with which they are held. When it comes to delivering services in this field, the team offer an enormous range of courses that meet every need of the modern market. This includes the popular National Speed Awareness, Drink Drive Rehabilitation, National Motorway Awareness, What’s Driving Us, Safe and Considerate Driving and Alcohol Education courses that are offered by the police or provided by referral from a court. Each course is delivered by highly qualified, experienced professionals who specialise in driving improvement and behavioural change. This commitment to change is the driving force behind the company at large, offering a clear way forward that makes roads safer and protects everyone in the community. 2016 saw the firm take on Jim Kirkwood as CEO. He successfully led an investment process which completed in 2017, with TTC Group being acquired by private equity investors Palatine. This increase in funding has allowed the team to grow the business extraordinarily. This expansion has seen TTC Group moving into the commercial driver risk management and fleet driver training market, where it has achieved new and exciting levels of success. The role of technology within TTC Group has become more pronounced over the years, with the firm developing a market leading technology solution. Named TTC Continuum, this is a program designed to be the future of driver & fleet risk management solutions. It combines all the various aspects of driving vehicles, including telematics, driver behaviour and in-vehicle technology, to deliver unparalleled insight into driver risk and compliance management. What sets this impressive solution apart is the TTC Continuum platform’s ability to be seen through real-time dashboards and Management Information. This ensures that multiple parties have a record of what has transpired. TTC Continuum has an incredible amount of potential for success within it, allowing management to easily manage their entire driving community from a single online platform and ensure real-time compliance with HSE legislation. The capability of an organisation to ensure such a high level of compliance could have a major impact on the driving sector in the UK, providing an unprecedented level of security to companies. The benefits of this impressive technology are obvious to businesses, providing driver risk management development services that make the workforce aware of the potential risks that can arise by driving to work. This is not enough for the firm however, which is why TTC Continuum also provides methods of mitigation as well. In short, with the ability to monitor the entire driving community of any business from one platform, it’s easy to ensure that the community has the best interests of society at heart at all times. The success of TTC Continuum has guaranteed its constant development, which is why it has garnered such a strong reputation within the industry. What started as a simple application for businesses has developed into a new and holistic The needs of today’s business enterprises have seen roads become more and more crowded, with a significant impact on society at large. Ensuring that all those who take to the highway are as safe as possible benefits everyone. We take a look at TTC Group Limited to see how they have been able to support over 500,000 road users a year.