Scottish Enterprise Awards 2020

Scottish Enterprise Awards 2020 | 5 When it comes to road safety, you can never be too careful. The team at TTC Group has put a great deal of effort into ensuring that their training doesn’t just educate customers on what they should do, but changes their perspective for the long term. It’s a difference in approach which is the secret behind not only the company’s longevity, but its reach and its incredible success. Company: TTC Group Limited Contact: Mike Reed Web Address: TTC Group Limited approach to work-related road safety solutions. The beauty of this way of thinking is that it can be tailored for clients of any size, type, budget, or requirement. While much of the focus of TTC Group has been on the roads, the team are also committed to raising standards with regards to cycling and walking to. This process involved encouraging people to get into the right mindset to ensure that they are cycling and walking more often and more safely. TTC Group has been delivering Vulnerable Road User training to professional drivers since 2018, requiring vocational drivers of large vehicles to complete a half-day cycling course to better understand the risks and hazards experienced by pedestrians and cyclists on busy roads and pavements. TTC is an Approved JAUPT Centre (Joint Approvals Unit for Periodic Training) and offer a range of Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (DCPC) courses for professional bus, coach and LGV drivers which contribute towards drivers’ 35 hours certification. We deliver JAUPT and FORS approved Driver CPC training throughout the UK, offering engaging, interactive professional driver training programmes. 2020 brought new challenges to TTC Group. With people unable to meet, the importance of online training became abundantly clear. In the last year, the team were able to complete a milestone 100,000 virtual road safety courses with people from around the world. The flexibility of this operational shift has opened the doors to new opportunities in different countries, which can be exploited in the coming days and months.