Scottish Enterprise Awards 2021

27 | Scottish Enterprise Awards 2021 Based in Scotland, Entier are an award-winning foodservice company, that provide locally sourced produce. In a time of growing concern surrounding the environment, Entier are devoted to offering a sustainable, ethical service. Created by a team focused on delivering quality, the winners of ‘Foodservice Company of the Year 2021,’ have quickly become leaders within the industry. Opening for business one week before the 2008 financial crash, Entier aimed to meet the ever-changing needs of the offshore catering industry. 13 years later, Entier are proud to be the UK’s largest private independent company for the provision of offshore catering, hospitality, facilities management services, as well as catering and hospitality services at outside events. Ultimately, Entier hopes to provide a quality service, and deliver locally sourced, sustainable produce to its customers. Across four business streams covering a variety of sectors, Entier aim to deliver a bespoke service, whether it’s on board a ship, or at a wedding. It takes the time to create customised menus that use local, fresh ingredients, and include nutritionally balanced meals. Working in connection with over 40 Scottish suppliers, Entier strive to create a sustainable, ethical business. From these suppliers, it purchases over £6.5 million worth of produce every year. Furthermore, it has reduced its use of single use plastics by 70% and its use of poly cups by over one million cups per year. It is well documented that the food industry creates an immense amount of excess waste every year, however, Entier plans to continue its efforts in tackling this issue. In its push towards sustainability, Entier has made this a main priority, and has reduced its food wastage by 10% and has plans to reduce it further. Not only is Entier environmentally aware, but it is also socially aware. Aiming to improve the quality of life within its communities, Entier created the award-winning Fresh Olives Apprenticeship programme. Open to school leavers, Fresh Olives offers people the opportunity to take their first steps into the hospitality and support functions industry and, eventually, the chance to gain a full-time career. Built upon a foundation of honesty, transparency, and integrity, Entier has cultivated a safe and productive environment for its team. Entier’s credentials of ISO Certification in Quality, Environmental, Health & Safety, Food Safety and Security ensures safe and reliable working practices consistently across the business. The team operates as a family, having a constant channel of communication through the use of the Blink communications App. Throughout the company there is an active, approachable support system that aims to tackle important issues, such as discrimination, the gender pay gap, and accessibility. Indeed, Entier owes its 98% staff retention rate to its infrastructure – it offers every employee the living wage and utilises its Shine recognition programme to recognise the team’s high-quality service. Entier makes sure to set itself apart from its competitors. Remaining a private company, it does not have the bureaucracy that its competitors do, and therefore it is able to make decisions quickly and effectively whilst considering local trends. Keeping this in mind, Entier prioritise being aware of key business trends, such as the reduction of gas and oil exploration. Perhaps its most unique selling point, however, is that Entier makes no profits through food – any benefits it receives are passed into the net pricing, and directly benefits their clients and units. COVID-19 swept through the UK, grinding the island to a halt businesses closed their doors and travel was greatly restricted. Despite the serious commercial impact on three of its sectors, in 2021 Entier has won significant new businesses and retained 100% of its existing businesses creating a solid foundation for the future. However, proving to be a challenge, was clients switching to hybrid working. Finding it difficult to ascertain how many people will be working in office buildings, the business had to take extra steps to ensure the safety of its staff members. Following both country-wide and regional restrictions, it aimed to limit the amount of COVID-19 related absences. Entier endeavour to be a £100 million company by 2025, an aspiration that was delayed two years by COVID-19. Going forward, it plans to continue working with local suppliers, and further expand its network. Contact: [email protected] Company: Entier Limited Web Address: Nov21002 Foodservice Company of the Year 2021