Scottish Enterprise Awards 2021

8 | Scottish Enterprise Awards 2021 Oct21459 Best Global Logistics & Supply Chain Management Company 2021 Jodanl Services Limited is a class in logistics and supply chain management specializing in the delivery of fully integrated services in freight movement. We find out more about the company as we speak to Dennis Ogbu in the wake of being recognised in the Scottish Enterprise Awards 2021. Jodanl Services Limited (Jodanl) is a multi-discipline company with core experience in oil and gas, energy, project logistics management, supply chain, and courier services for both onshore and offshore operations. Established in 2010, Jodanl Services Ltd has been delivering cost effective solution service plans tailored to meet specific requirements of its clients. This is accomplished by learning customers’ exact objectives with regards to their internal and external requirements, thus ensuring that the firm can provide quality services more consistently than any other service provider in the market. “Our tried multi-modal system ensures international reach whatever your logistics contests and time frame is,” elaborates Owner and Managing Director, Dennis Ogbu. “As the preferred solution for various companies and first point of contact to increase supply chain efficiency, we are proud of our reputation and always strive to maintain it.” Regarding the services provided, Jodanl offers drilling support, including maintaining individual client satisfaction on drilling and production data; wellbore classification and numbering; integrated asset management system; ensuring all data accurately recorded within contractual specifications; well management and analysis; drilling operational activities; and support as described, data procedures and documented service levels to reduce services cost. The company provides mechanical support too, such as liaising with client and suppliers to ensure they understand and comply with HSE, project specific requirement; conducting inspections, audits and assessment to determine conformance with requirements; monitoring and recording the performance, failures and services for mechanical control system equipment and reports and activities undertaken; QHSE practice to avoid environmental pollution in line with HSE procedures; service, repair, installation and testing lifting material handling, pneumatic, diesel and hydraulic equipment; responsibility for maintenance of operational and auxiliary equipment when required; review and development of maintenance strategies for specific items of equipment in order to optimize equipment reliability and maintenance cost; and fault finding, overhauling and general maintenance of equipment; acting as the point of contact on QHSE issues. Transportation and logistics support is also provided with heavy lifts; sea and river barges; dangerous goods management; dry bulk and liquid transportation; model movements; freight forwarding and allied services; light and heavy haulage; material handling; hot shots; cargo handling; door to door courier services; transportation and haulage; air freight handling and delivery services; equipment leasing; maritime support; customs clearance; and supply chain management. Supported by its own office in Aberdeen as well as associates worldwide, Jodanl employs a team of professionals and fellows that follows up and follows through on each transaction the company undertakes and manages with