Scottish Enterprise Awards 2022

10 | Scottish Enterprise Awards 2022 Sep22404 Best Family History Research Service 2022 Heritage: it’s something that bears an impact on everyone’s lives, and for many, it is a subject of great interest. BonAccord Genealogy and Probate Research hopes to increase this fascination, introducing the practices to a wider audience in an accessible and affordable manner. The company, run by Malcolm Gauld, cultivates connection, intrigue, and family-bonding, wrapping such elements up in a sleek and professional package. Discovering your family’s history can be an exciting experience, and it can often be fun to see just how far back you can trace your roots. However, it is easy to come to a dead end, especially if you don’t know where to look, and this can halt or slow the entire process. Henceforth, by working with a genealogist, the process can be streamlined, ensuring that you get factually correct information from the right sources. Bon-Accord Genealogy and Probate Research, a Scottish company, is entering its third year of connecting families with their ancestors. The company’s genealogy service results in a comprehensive family-tree – including hundreds of names, dates, and records – built upon an abundance of research and fact finding. Unlike digital genealogy services, Bon-Accord Genealogy and Probate Research focuses on the client’s wishes and provides them only with the records that they’re requesting, be it prison or workhouse records to birth, marriage, and death certificates. Many of these records can contain sensitive information, which is why this approach is necessary. Moreover, the company is currently branching out into projects surrounding probate research. Often referred to as ‘Heir Hunting,’ this type of work strives to reunite heirs with the estates of those who have passed intestate, meaning that they died without leaving a will. Bon-Accord Genealogy and Probate Research is working with a Scottish solicitors’ office in tracking down the entitled heirs to the estate of a lady who unfortunately died in such a manner – this project has led to researching records related to Florida, Ireland, and uncovering the identities of ten Scottish siblings of the deceased. The company has a global reach, with clients stemming from Australia, the United States, Canada, South Africa, Germany, and Poland, among others, which provides Bon-Accord Genealogy and Probate Research with the unique opportunity to investigate not only the individuals concerned but also the culture and customs of such countries and communities. Despite this, most of the company’s clients are UK based, with approximately 30% of these clients hailing from Scotland. No matter where the client comes from, the goal remains the same – to help them reach their desired outcome, whether that is simply sourcing a certificate or a full tree with family lines tracing back generations. Behind the research is Malcolm Gauld, and he embraces the idiom, ‘a customer can deal with bad news, they cannot deal with no news,’ using this to navigate how he handles customer interactions. Indeed, Bon-Accord Genealogy and Probate Research’s key values are centred around integrity and, of course, honesty. Since the company’s genesis, it has been Malcolm’s goal to provide clients with a service that he is proud of, and therefore, he is open, transparent, and accountable. In addition to this, communication plays a fundamental role in the company’s operations, and Malcolm strives to keep clients updated with any progress or news on their project. Such elements make Bon-Accord Genealogy and Probate Research stand out; however, the company’s primary unique selling point is the fact that it offers a mutually-agreed, fixedprice deal. Many of the company’s competitors charge by the hour, but Bon-Accord Genealogy and Probate Research has found that its method gives customers a sense of security and surety, and they can manage payments as they wish. Simply, the client has control over their genealogy or probate research journey – they are awarded input on every step, including the affordability of the services. As more people delve into genealogy in particular, the company’s focus on clientcentricity is sure to prove an enormous benefit. A significant contributor to this increase in interest is the media. Programmes such as Who Do You Think You Are? and Long Lost Families consistently drum up a rise in enquiries whenever aired, as they show just how complicated yet rewarding building a family tree can be. Moreover, whilst Malcolm notes that there have been no major developments influencing his business, he believes that client awareness as to what can be achieved for a reasonable price has increased, perhaps in part thanks to the aforementioned television programmes. Consequently, Bon-Accord Genealogy and Probate Research is working with over 50 clients at present, with the rest of 2022 looking to be exceptionally busy for the business. It is also working with a group in the North of England, who are developing a proposal to the National Lottery grant team to fund a project that is currently under wraps. Whilst much cannot be discussed about this project, it is set to be the most high-profile project that BonAccord Genealogy and Probate Research has ever undertaken, so, keep an eye out for big things coming from this small business! Contact: Malcolm Gauld Company: Bon-Accord Genealogy and Probate Research Web Address: