Scottish Enterprise Awards 2022

12 | Scottish Enterprise Awards 2022 Sep22586 Best Fish & Chip Shop 2022 From visitors who include members of the Royal Family, Hollywood movie stars, and European TV reporters to an owner with a fishing industry lineage dating back to the 1700s, Anstruther Fish Bar is about as prestigious as can be! From a team incredibly enthusiastic about their work and the land, the Best Fish & Chip Shop of 2022 has a lot going for it. Anstruther Fish Bar is a family-run business with over fifty enthusiastic people at the helm. From many generations-long love of fishing, new owners Gary and Walker took over in the already iconic location this year, after previous owners, Robert and Alison decided to pass the business to local known people and enjoy their retirement. Both Gary and Walker are “born and bred” Anstruther boys, who take pride in owning an establishment that has made their home town world famous. This is a new chapter for both families and something they are extremely passionate about. Ansturther Fish bar is not just another “chippy”, it is a place where visitors come from far and wide to experience something special. To be an owner of Anstruther Fish Bar takes dedication, passion, knowledge, respect and love to both the local sources of food and the local community. Family backgrounds in fishing can be traced back to Walkers grandfather having the conceptual idea of the Scottish Fisheries Museum being based in Ansturther, going on to become cofounder. While another great grandparent was the first in the East Neuk to make the switch from coal fired fishing vessels to one with an engine. With a local fish monger company that awakes bright and early to get the finest fish from the market to be delivered every day to Anstruther Fish Bar and the staff with many years of best practise and experience, Anstruther Fish Bar turns some of the freshest, local and best of Scotlands catches into Fish and Chips known by whole Britain. From these impeccable standards, Anstruther has created a massive presence and reputation over the years, built from a consistent customer base – and the occasional VIP visitors – who have come to expect meals prepared to perfection. It’s one of the first stops Edith Bowman makes every time she comes home. Yet the Anstruther team are still everyday people who bring the best of local Scottish resources to the table for every visitor. Whether it is Kate and William, Robert De Niro, Tom Hanks, or a lovely pensioner coming in every single week, Anstruther Fish Bar makes everyone feel equally special and provides the same premier products and service to all. Even as standards and expectations have changed! Nowadays, more and more customers buying fish and chips want to know that the product they purchase is not just fresh and of high quality but is being caught responsibly and with consideration for the marine environment. The future success of its industry is linked to its ability to meet the demand of these customers who look for traceability, quality, and sustainability when making purchasing decisions. Anstruther Fish Bar is the World’s First Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) Certified Fish and Chips Shop. Anstruther became an ambassador for its industry with the MSC award and is immensely proud of it. In addition, its specially designed takeaway and restaurant packaging is also entirely environmentally friendly and both biodegradable and recyclable. In the past few years, Anstruther felt the pinch just like everyone else, from the pandemic to Brexit, the war in Ukraine, cost of living crises and the death of Queen Elizabeth. These have served as opportunities to reflect on its values, goals, and a view of where the restaurant is going in the future. What the team has come to understand over the past few years is that Anstruther Fish Bar believes that it should spread the message of unity and kindness for future generations to feed from. In keeping with this, Anstruther Fish Bar supports its local communities, small local businesses, and guests coming from overseas. This also aligns with the restaurant’s mission of supporting Scotland’s maritime produce market and proving that Scottish fish and chips are the best in the world! Like a good football team, the team spirit at Anstruther Fish Bar is impressive. From part-time potato preparers and kitchen porters to waiters, its employees are valued and benefit from quality training and development. The team is well connected, and Anstruther Fish Bar takes great care to build its strengths and improve its services every day. Anstruther Fish Bar and Restaurant earned Investors in People status in 2008, and that same year, it won the UK Fish and Chip Shop of the Year Competition’s Staff Training and Development Award. The business has also been awarded a Fife Business Excellence Award for its staff training and development. It is a very well-accredited business with staff sharing pride and love for both its fish bar and Anstruther. Walker and his wife Kasia, are very much involved at the busy restaurant, helping to prepare and serve their famous, fresh, locally sourced food. The Anstruther has a long and bright future ahead of it, and the couple is looking to pass their passion – along with the business – to their children. Overall, the pair and their friendly staff are waiting to welcome customers to the Anstruther Fish Bar and Restaurant experience, one well worthy of the Best Fish & Chip Shop 2022. Contact: Walker Murray Company: Anstruther Fish Bar Web Address: “ From these impeccable standards, Anstruther has created amassive presence and reputation over the years, built froma consistent customer base – and the occasional VIP visitors –who have come to expect meals prepared to perfection. ”