Scottish Enterprise Awards 2022

15 | Scottish Enterprise Awards 2022 products, ensuring exceptional quality across the board. West End Garden Centre also endeavours to create a feeling for customers when they visit – they need to feel welcomed, positive, and educated – and the company believes that it achieves this through its unique approach to layout, product, and customer Gardening has become especially popular in recent years, largely due to the Covid-19 pandemic, which led more people to spend time in their homes and green spaces. West End Garden Centre hopes to increase this interest in urban areas by making gardening equipment and plants more accessible to the masses. When thinking of a garden centre, you’d typically think of a historical building wrapped by extensive gardens and vast countryside that rolls out for miles in all directions. What you don’t think of is a garden centre located at the heart of a bustling, Scottish city. West End Garden Centre is exactly the latter, subverting the preconceptions surrounding gardening, garden centres, and tradition. In essence, this is the company’s mission – its purpose – as it wants to bring everything that can be found in a garden centre right to the doorstep of those living in Glasgow’s West End. The unique shop offers a full range of outdoor and indoor plants and pots, with a focus on modern gardening and style. By maintaining this priority, West End Garden Centre is attracting a new audience, especially amongst younger people who are looking for plants to liven up their homes. Its online store, for example, showcases a range of luxury garden furniture including minimalistic sun loungers, dining sets, and sofas. Additionally, the digital platform is where West End Garden Centre advertises tickets for demonstrations – most recently, the centre carried out an Autumn Bulb Demonstration, teaching attendees the best way to plant bulbs ready for fruition in Spring. Moreover, West End Garden Centre offers its own Genius Bar, through which customers can book a consultation with one of the team via the website. The Genius Bar has been designed to help clients solve any problem that they’re facing with their plants or garden, and it can also help customers to achieve their goals. Customers receive a 45-minute consultation with one of the West End Garden Centre’s Plant Geniuses who can help them to select suitable plants for their spaces – and, the garden centre takes care of the delivery and all the heavy lifting, making it incredibly accessible for all customers. At West End Garden Centre, the customer truly comes first. It sources locally grown plants and Garden Centre of the Year 2022 – Glasgow & Excellence Award for Garden Planning Advisory Services 2022 Oct22044 service. In addition, it tries to support its community in other ways, regularly donating to various local and national charities. Contact: Martin McCarron Company: West End Garden Centre Web Address: West End Garden Centre