Scottish Enterprise Awards 2022

17 | Scottish Enterprise Awards 2022 across in everything it does. Moreover, it upholds the values and principles of Scottish life by making itself a friendly, people-focused, and diligent company that is never afraid to rise to a challenge, earning itself a myriad of different partnerships across the region that work with it well to provide impeccable spatial renovations. Setting itself apart in a crowded industry with bespoke, innovative, and boutique property renovations, Cedar Developments Edinburgh has made itself a cornerstone of its region over the time it has been in operation. Indeed, with its high-quality remodelling that covers everything from home extensions to shopfitting and joinery, its clients come back time and again – and recommend it to family, friends, and peers – because after you’ve known true excellence, why go back? As with any big change in life, home renovation requires the utmost trust. Cedar Developments Edinburgh recognises this, ensuring that it funnels significant effort into establishing close personal relationships with its clientele in order to create spaces that truly reflect their ideas and individual style. Its clients, therefore, can expect the work that comes out of a partnership with Cedar Developments Edinburgh to be spot on –in terms of timeliness and monetary expense as well as with regards to the specifications of the project – enabling it to earn a reputation for passionate, professional, and market leading work. Indeed, its commitment to operating in this way has earned it a diverse client base as a result; after all, it is able to fulfil the stylistic, timing, and practical needs of all manner of different people from private home owners to shop owners of all different stripes. Thusly, it has made itself a linchpin of the Edinburgh bespoke renovations industry, one that serves residential and commercial projects all over the region with an impeccable level of commitment and efficacy. With people having spent the time over lockdown being sequestered in their own home, many turned their eyes to home improvement and renovations; moreover, many people found it cheaper and less messy to just renovate their own home instead of moving house due to the changing economy and rising house prices. In this manner, Cedar Developments Edinburgh has stepped up to the plate to help the people who have been committing to the process of renovation, showing them through loyalty, trust, and passion that their home or business is in good hands. Proud to be based in Scotland, the beauty of the surrounding landscape provides plentiful inspiration for its efforts, and it hopes that the natural glory of the Scottish countryside homes Property Renovators of the Year 2022 - Edinburgh Sep22450 It looks forward to continuing to improve and grow going forward with this in mind, striving the improve itself as well Company: Cedar Developments Edinburgh Contact: Joseph McGee, Managing Director. Website: