Scottish Enterprise Awards 2022

19 | Scottish Enterprise Awards 2022 Having such a small team means that continuity is guaranteed throughout the litigation process. At a stressful time, you have a team that is always looking out for you. Everyone is aware of everyone else’s caseload, so clients have the benefit of a wealth of experience. Naturally, the client comes first at all times, and a core part of this is achieved through assisting each other through every case. Although small, the systems in place have allowed the Lefevres team to process large numbers of claims, including group actions, whilst still maintaining a personalised service. Group actions are a relatively new feature within Scots law, but the Lefevres team are ideally equipped to meet the challenge. They have used their collaborative skill to work alongside other firms to raise group actions on behalf of thousands of clients in the vehicle diesel emissions scandal. This pioneering case was the first group action to proceed in Scotland under new rules for group litigation. By design, the Lefevres team focus on the needs of people. Staff are hired because they have tremendous people skills and can guide them through the complexities of a challenging legal process. The litigation process is often daunting, but with the Lefevres team at your side, things might not be so challenging. They take the time to ensure that you fully understand what decisions are being made and why. 2022 has seen the team focus on even more group litigation claims, following the success of the vehicle diesel emissions scandal. Some of these claims are in the same area, allowing the team to build on what succeeded before. Currently, those who in charge of the Lefevres side of things are registering new claims for the next round. Alongside this impressive new sector of the business, the team continue to When you want to litigate, you have to turn to a team you can trust. The team at Lefevres are small, but mighty, with a reputation for excellence that stands apart from the crowd. In the Scottish Enterprise Awards, the Lefevres team were recognised for their sterling work. We dig a little deeper to find out more. Founded in 2018, the team at Lefevres have quickly risen through the ranks to become one of Scotland’s most resolute litigators. Working across a varied crosssection of causes, the team have covered all aspects of personal injury ranging from high value, complex cases to minor incident claims such as slips and trips. With a person-centred approach at the heart of the business, they know how to deliver when others can’t. Three full time solicitors, two consultants, one trainee and two support staff make up the impressive Lefevres team. When combined, the firm has over thirty years of experience in all areas of litigation. The Lefevres team have been called upon to represent clients in many arenas, including the Sheriff courts, the Sheriff Appeal Court, Court of Session and the United Kingdom Supreme Court. Best Personal Injury Compensation & Civil Litigation Law Firm 2022 Sep22403 maintain a hefty caseload of individual personal injury claims. When we look at Lefevres, we look at a firm which has managed to stay on top of the needs of its clients, whilst looking for new fertile ground on which to build the business. As litigators, they are second to none with a track record that speaks for itself. We celebrate the team’s efforts and look forward to what they do next. Company: Lefevres Name: Sarah McKinnon Email: Web Address: