Scottish Enterprise Awards 2022

Oct22201 Pool and snooker are immensely popular family games, but finding tables of the right quality is no mean feat. The team at Home Pool Tables produce some of the finest tables on the market, showcasing them in their glorious Hamilton showroom. In SME News’ Scottish Enterprise Awards 2022, they were recognised for their incredible success. We dig a little deeper to find out more. Home entertainment is by no means a straightforward task, but a pool or snooker table can really liven up proceedings. For those who are looking for a solution of the highest quality, the team at Home Pool Tables are more than delighted to oblige. Their eye for detail and determination to offer a product which goes above and beyond. The team’s promise is the offer of totally bespoke tables, designed to meet exacting customer requirements. Over 90% of the materials used in these products are sourced in the UK, with many suppliers having earned Made in Britain accreditation. Buying a pool table might seem like a big commitment as they take up a great deal of space, but the Home Pool Table team are always considering how to make the most of what is on offer. Their range is exemplary and extensive, including incredibly popular pooling dining tables. These luxurious additions to the home can play a dual role, both as dining table and pool table. This means that instead of having a large table with limited use, your pool table can double as a unique table for setting down food. The team’s innovative eye has also led to them developing a new folding leg pool table design. Whilst space might be restricted, customers deserve to have the ultimate in flexibility at all times. As with the team’s other designs, both of these are fully customisable to suit unique needs. Such is the skill of the Home Pool Tables team that they are often called upon to restore and refurbish old and tired tables from other makers. The team’s eye for quality means that they can breathe new life into worn down cloth, adding fun new elements that go beyond green and blue cloth. A small team of six lies at the heart of this incredible manufacturing endeavour, which means that you can be certain that someone who cares is always involved in your project. Now on its third generation, this family-owned business continues much the same way it always has done. The aim is to offer pool and snooker tables of the highest quality, and that’s what’s delivered each and every time. Whilst old fashioned values drive the team forward, modernity allows them to thrive into the future. The team’s innovative warehouse facilities mean that turnaround is as quick as possible, and the range of products on offer move away from stereotypical greens and mahogany into contemporary greys and whites that are more popular in homes today. For many, a pool table might be a luxury that they can do without, a bulky item which takes up space. For the team at Home Pool Tables, it’s a way of bringing the family together, of having fun and of finding new ways of enjoying ourselves. The team’s success in SME News’ Scottish Enterprise Awards is something to be celebrated. We can’t wait to see what they do next! Company: Home Pool Tables Name: Oliver Sheeran Email: Web Address: Best Bespoke Pool & Snooker Table Company 2022