Scottish Enterprise Awards 2022

Sep22361 Small Dog Care Facility of the Year 2022 - Glasgow & Excellence Award for Raw Feeding Services 2022 Award-winning Chilled Dawgz Dog Day Care & Pet Services is the first fully licensed facility offering doggy day care in Glasgow for small to medium sized breeds. Its fully air conditioned environment provides a fun, safe space for pooches whose owners aren’t able to be with them in the day, and by only takings smaller breeds, it is ideal for those who aren’t comfortable around bigger dogs. Chilled Dawgz Dog Day Care & Pet Services prides itself in taking care of its clients’ dogs to the highest standards and giving them a home away from home. With four Cavalier King Charles Spaniels of her own, the business’ owner, Lisa Fleming found they didn’t like being around bigger dogs, and she figured they couldn’t be the only ones – therefore, she only welcomes smaller dogs at her day care centre. Lisa has always been an animal lover, having grown up with dogs, cats, birds, and fish. She was working full-time in the NHS when she and her husband decided to get their first puppy together. Lisa says, “Juggling a stressful NHS job and a puppy proved challenging, and finding suitable carers proved hard. I thought getting a second puppy would make leaving my first pup at home easier. It didn’t, it just made it even harder for me to leave two dogs instead of one.” She took the leap and left her NHS job to become a full-time dog walker and home boarder. Lisa loves getting to spend so much time with other peoples’ dogs and became so busy that she couldn’t keep up with the demand for her services. So, she decided to branch out into dog day care and took the time to find the perfect location with the perfect facilities for her new venture. Thus, Chilled Dawgz Dog Day Care & Pet Services was born. Now, Lisa is joined by specialist staff who are trained to high standards in canine welfare and have a level 2 qualification in canine first aid. A family firm, the team are always sure to provide that personal touch. They are sure to not take on too many dogs so they can treat each and every fluffy guest as part of the family. The company also believes in natural products, from food and treats to the cleaning products it uses. Chilled Dawgz uses and stocks Chloripet, which is water with an electrical charge in it, and more effective than bleach. This is used to disinfect all areas of the day care facility with outstanding results – and it can be used for wounds and lesions, and it even suppresses hay fever and itchy paws. It’s common knowledge that Scotland is one of the most picturesque countries in the world, with a plethora of stunning places to explore with canine companions. Although Chilled Dawgz is based in the busy city of Glasgow, that shouldn’t put clients off. They needn’t worry about dropping their pooch off at the facility, either, as its location has ample parking. It has also moved to a bigger premises in order to keep up with demand for its specialised services, following the boom that came with lockdown; people were spending more time at home and were wanting a furry friend for company. Now, Chilled Dawgz is looking forward to holding its Doggy Christmas Market for the first time since lockdown. Lisa says, “We hold these annually and it is a fantastic way for new and existing clients to see what we offer and most importantly, buy their canine companions some Christmas goodies.” She adds, “We take a very holistic approach to canine healthcare, as well, and will be expanding our range of natural treats and food.” Company: Chilled Dawgz Dog Day Care & Pet Services Contact: Lisa Fleming Email: Website: Chilled Dawgz Dog Day Care & Pet Services