Scottish Enterprise Awards 2022

28 | Scottish Enterprise Awards 2022 Residential Interior Design Company of the Year 2022 – South East Scotland Interior design is highly sought-after, but it is a difficult industry to break into. Carving its way into this realm is Jane Perfect Interiors. This interior design company makes a huge impact on each and every one of its clients with its keen eye for detail, expressive manner, and elevated quality of work. This residential interior design studio hones in on expressive projects that stand the test of time, throughout generations; Jane Perfect Interiors truly focuses its energy on fulfilling our needs, turning our dreams into reality. Its thoughtful nature ensures every pain point or concern is alleviated. This is just one of its unique selling points that raise it above its competitors time and time again. With expert knowledge and years of experience in the industry, its Founder, Jane Perfect, changed the world of interior design for the better. With her dedicated team, Jane can offer clients the perfect pathway to timeless, elegant, and unparalleled residential property design. Concentrating on the wishes of the client, Jane Perfect Interiors’ team prioritises clients’ happiness by being friendly, bespoke, and understanding – so that clients feel heard, appreciated, and cared for. Jane reveres all thoughtful interior design, and uses her imagination, originality, and extensive expertise to propel herself forward in the industry. She doesn’t do this simply for her business development; Jane wishes to take her clients’ homes to new heights. Striking a balance between classic and modern design can be something that businesses struggle with. With some companies it is one or the other – but with Jane Perfect Interiors there is a delicate equilibrium between contemporary and traditional design. Jane is extremely proud of what she has built. From stunning aesthetics to intricate architecture, Jane Perfect Interiors introduces a taste of freedom and creativity that knows no limits. The whole team knows that practicality must come into design, so that the interiors are useful as well as aesthetically pleasing. By creating liveable spaces, with great functions and specific requirements met, Jane Perfect Interiors has become one to watch in the interior design industry as its customer service and unwavering skill pushes it further into the deep waters of success. By providing all of its services in line with its clients’ needs, Jane Perfect Interiors provides peace of mind, alleviates stresses, and saves its clients’ money – all things that we truly appreciate when undergoing home renovations. For the future, Jane Perfect Interiors will continue enhancing and enriching our lives through the power of interior design. The award of Residential Interior Design Company of the Year 2022, in the South East of Scotland, is truly well-deserved but comes as no surprise – long may its success continue. Contact: Jane Perfect Company: Jane Perfect Interiors Limited Web Address: Jane Perfect Interiors Limited is an Edinburgh-based interior design business that knows exactly how to echo our style, address our needs, and carry out every job to the highest quality. Here we explore exactly how it has won this dazzling award in the Scottish Enterprise Awards 2022.