Scottish Enterprise Awards 2022

Scottish Enterprise Awards 2022 | 29 Sep22489 Local Pet Care Service of the Year 2022 - East Central Scotland Your pets deserve prodigious quality in every aspect of their lives. For the teamat FetchMy Feed, their ambition has always been to provide the best quality animal feed delivery service to our furry friends throughout Fife and the East Central Scotland region. Earning tremendous success in SME News’ Scottish Enterprise Awards 2022, we thought it time to dig a little deeper to find out more. The world of food delivery for animals is immensely competitive, with animal owners always looking for the best quality food at as low a price as possible. It is also a sector where once animal owners have found a supplier that meets their needs, they are immensely loyal. This loyalty cannot be bought, but is earned through providing exceptional service. Few understand this better than the team at Fetch My Feed, who have managed to build an incredible reputation amongst their customers. Since opening their doors, they have endeavoured to be the best at what they do, and their commitment to this ambition is to their credit. The clearest sign of their success is the continued level of customer satisfaction that has been fed back to the team. Finding the high-quality foods that customers expect from Fetch My Feed is no easy task, especially over the last few months. One of the ways in which the team have been able to overcome these challenges has been firstly to procure as many Scottish based products as possible, and secondly to operate as flexibly and shrewdly as possible. Customers have been incredibly supportive of the decision to support Scottish business and shrewd procurement has kept Fetch My Feed at the forefront of the industry. Scotland brings numerous benefits to the table when looking at the animal feed industry. Indeed, Scotland produces some of the finest animal feed products in the world. Having such easy access to products of such immensely high quality has been a boon for the Fetch My Feed team. While having access to products of such high quality is incredibly useful, the discerning eye of the Fetch My Feed team is really their secret weapon. It goes without saying that all staff have a detailed knowledge of animals and animal feeds, but it’s their bias towards nutrition that really elevates the quality of the firm’s service. Looking forward, it’s clear that access to these quality products and an eye for customer service are certain to be the basis for even more growth in the future. 2023 is likely to see the continued expansion of the business as more and more people turn to them for their exceptional products. We cannot wait to see this incredible firm continue to thrive and flourish in the weeks and months to come. Company: Fetch My Feed Name: Alan Carr Email: Web Address: