Scottish Enterprise Awards 2022

4 | Scottish Enterprise Awards 2022 Oct22087 Excellence Award for Childcare & Early Learning Services 2022 When searching for trustworthy and compassionate people to look after our children in the best possible way, it can be overwhelming and difficult to choose between all of the nurseries out there. If you’re based in Ibrox or Mansewood, Glasgow, look no further. Smiley Stars Nursery is here for our childcare needs from ages six months to five years. Here we learn more from Managing Director, Tamara Marashi, as it wins this sparkling award in the Scottish Enterprise Awards 2022. Searching for a safe place for our children to learn and grow, it can seem difficult to know what we are getting – and if we are giving them the support they require to develop in the most fulfilled way. We come across a plethora of nurseries all promising to best for our children however, with Smiley Stars Nursery we have the chance to either receive the best childcare or the greatest inspiration for the running of our own childcare business. Furthermore, Smiley Stars Nursery is more than just a nursery. Managing Director, Tamara Marashi, tells us, “We are a family that helps and supports our children and their families through their journey.” By offering a family environment, children can grow up with the nurturing qualities that they have at home. Love is at the core of Smiley Stars Nursery and understanding is the lifeblood that runs deep throughout the entire family. Tamara comments, “We pride ourselves on providing a nurturing environment where our children, families, and staff are happy to come to every day.” Its two nurseries – Ibrox and Mansewood – are both fully equipped with a close-knit family of staff who do everything they can to support the growth of the children they care for. When recruiting staff, Tamara says, “When recruiting a new talent, we look for someone who has passion to care for the children and who believes in the ethos of the nursery.” When it comes to Smiley Stars Nursery, its very essence is compassion and the ethical treatment of its staff, children, and their families. “We have an open door policy so that both staff and families feel happy to come and discuss anything they have on their minds,” Tamara proudly states. The very heart of Smiley Stars Nursery boasts a team of caregivers that truly care about the children and their families, alleviating any stresses or worries – day in and day out. Tamara and the team operate in line with all of the children’s needs, ensuring to take care of their wishes, requirements, and emotions. With a deep knowledge of the importance of independence, Tamara says, “We recognise that each child is an individual and is different, and we make sure that they are treated fairly and with respect. Smiley Stars Nursery aims to provide a safe and secure home away from home where our children are loved, cuddled, nurtured, and supported to grow into happy and successful individuals.” Being able to offer families the support they need, Tamara informs us, “The Scottish Government recognises the importance of early years childcare and is investing in that age group, so we have 1140 hours funded to help support children and their families.” By receiving this level of aid, families can have extra relief in every situation related to their childcare. By working with the government, Smiley Stars Nursery is more able to help those in need. Which means that childcare can be shared out between families regardless of their financial situations – guaranteeing the assistance they should receive when searching for a team to look after their growing children. Having support from as many prestigious and influential entities as possible means that Smiley Stars Nursery can provide everything that children and their families deserve. “From our experience, we have always worked closely with the care inspectorate and Glasgow City Council and they have always been there whenever we needed their support and guidance,” says Tamara. In partnership with Glasgow City Council, and registered with SCSWIS (Care Inspectorate), Smiley Stars Nursery is able to provide all of its unbeatable services to families that require help. Looking closely at Smiley Stars Nursery teaches us to live more compassionately, to support more, and to understand that children are the future of this planet. It is of utmost importance that we treat them with love and kindness, as well as giving them the freedom to express themselves, as we raise them together. Smiley Stars Nursery plans on expanding even further in the future, Tamara shares, “We are always looking to expand our business and always searching for the latest legislations and recommendations – and then implement them to best support the children.” Smiley Stars Nursery is doing well for itself, and it is set to develop even more over the coming years. For now, it has won an Excellence Award for Childcare & Early Learning Services, and it is sure to keep shining as it continues to pour its heart into providing perfect childcare services. Open 8am until 6pm, Monday to Friday, it offers full days, morning or afternoon sessions and early starts before 8am if organised with management. As it is open for 51 weeks, including all bank holidays, Smiley Stars Nursery is definitely worth contacting if you need childcare. 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