Scottish Enterprise Awards 2022

8 | Scottish Enterprise Awards 2022 Sep22392 Most Innovative UK-Wide Reprographics Company 2022 A specialist in reprographics and its applications, Hobs Reprographics has made a name for itself for excellence in all areas of the field, from scanning to digital printing. With 23 different branches in the UK, this firm started out life as a small scale Liverpudlian printing company, and its growth has since brought it leaps and bounds towards further success, with a broad pool of loyal clients who each use it as their one-stop-shop for all things reprographic. As the largest independent reprographics company in the UK, Hobs Reprographics has shopfronts from Glasgow to Edinburgh, and stretching much further South. Nominally, since its beginnings in 1969, this printing company has expanded exponentially from its five original staff members, now numbering at 158 staff total and providing copying services for architects, construction companies, and engineers, as well as printing services for utility companies. It boasts a longstanding corporate relationship with the GPO, and since the late 70s, has had a thriving base in Manchester, soon thereafter adding Birmingham, Abingdon, and Bristol to the list. Emphasising commitment, innovation, and customer-focused service at every turn, its experience has allowed it to merge knowledge in all manner of different fields into itself. With rolling stock, media agencies, and financial services all represented within the staff of Hobs Reprographics, its breadth and depth of understanding has given it the ability to holistically serve its clientele, committing to them in both its continued innovation and depth of customer service. With a variety of different clients – each of whom enjoy service that goes above and beyond the call of duty – it operates with passion, teamwork, quality, and ingenuity, focusing on the moral and social responsibilities it has a company in order to always deliver the best of the best. Currently, this dedication is focused on bringing the printing world to a whole new level of excellence. Ostensibly, it is reaching for this goal with the use of the latest and greatest technologies, such as 3D printing and augmented reality printing, each of which is allowing for better standards of quality and accuracy in print. Such developments have propelled the UK printing market forward in the macro scale, and Hobs Reprographics is proud of its contribution to such things, incorporating into itself only the developments that it is confident will deliver the best results. Critically, within its marketplace, Hobs Reprographics’ main unique selling point and distinguishing factor is the forward-thinking attitude to such things that permeates each of its services, and the way the company is in a state of constant positive change as a result. Taking pride in the investments it makes, its six Indigo presses give it the capability for massive amounts of large-scale printing, as well as small format technologies. Making use of technologies from leading industry heavyweights such as Xerox, Canon, and Konica Minolta, its 3D printing, CGI, virtual reality, model making, and more have each allowed it to offer various high-quality services that make it one of the most comprehensive 3D service providers in the world, never mind just the UK marketplace. Moreover, by helping to bridge the gap between the physical and the virtual, its hard work and tenacity has aided modern businesses in their adaptation to various modern challenges, such as Covid-19; during the past couple years, exemplary digital printing has been under higher demand than ever. In order to help it reach the targets it wishes to continue reaching, and the standards it continues to uphold, it has developed a multi-faceted approach to delivery. Providing an expert service to clients all around the UK, its unique force in reprography has been felt across the industry; indeed, it is this that has made it a jewel in the crown of the wider digital scanning and printing sector, made more so by its conscientious attitude towards the environment. Fundamentally, this attitude has had it implement necessary environmental impact assessments with everything it does, always keen to assess the impact of its various business practices on the increasingly fragile environment. Thanks to this, it has been throwing itself more wholly into finding alternative energy sources for its production efforts. This will help it to reduce its carbon footprint, bringing down the overall footprint of its region and industry, proving that a rising tide really does lift all ships as its diligence inspires others in its peer group to do the same. With wind turbines, solar panels, and biomass production becoming more of a mainstay in society, it is happy to say it has joined the ranks of those pushing towards a sustainable future. Nominally, this has helped it to maintain its proven commitment to always leading from the front. No matter what, its ‘actions not words’ style attitude to improvement as a company has allowed it to secure a partnership with PrintReleaf, an organisation that has been helping it to offset its paper usage, offsetting the equivalent of 1.413.148 pieces of paper by reforesting efforts since joining up with PrintReleaf in 2021. Indeed, Hobs Reprographics has planted over 3000 trees, making use of its impeccably realised corporate empire to benefit Scotland environmentally as well as with its myriad of social corporate responsibility drives. As a family business in every sense of the word, it recognises that the world must move forward together to mitigate the risks of global warming, and thus, will continue to strive to do its part as it moves forward into the future. Company: Hobs Reprographics Contact: Raquel Perkins Website: