SME News September 2017

SME NEWS / September 2017 5 NEWS , Atrust Computer Corp., the leading thin client computing and server manufac- turer, announced on 8th September the appointment of SA-Distribution Ltd and TooM- anyClouds as its’ Master Distribu- tor for the UK/Ireland market Atrust has focused on providing cost-effective and proficient solu- tions to small and medium enter- prises (SME) for many years. To meet the growing demands for VDI, Atrust is expanding its services to the region and providing the best quality products to UK/Ireland. “What makes Atrust thin and zero clients unique, is that they are compact, efficient and noiseless. All data is stored on a server and can be centrally controlled. What’s even better is the simple management and maintenance. Atrust self-developed manage- ment tools, Atrust Client Setup (ACS) and Atrust Device Manager (ADM), are provided for tasks like automatic configuration, firmware updates and remote troubleshoot- ing. Additional IT administration is almost not necessary.” said Jason Brooker, Director of Atrust Europe. “Through partnerships with indus- try leading vendors, such as Cit- rix®, VMware® and Microsoft®, Atrust is able to provide a total solution for all customer segments, from small businesses to corporate enterprises, whilst offering a wide range of hardware and software solutions.” Jason Brooker added. “Turn one into many is the main concept of Atrust server-based solutions, meaning that our solu- tion can be tailored to meet di- verse requirements in almost any field. It is perfect for organisations that need to do more with less,” said Jason Brooker. We are pleased to work with both of our new distributors who each bring a different value add to the table, Atrust are now only working exclusively with SA-Distribution Ltd and TooManyClouds for the UK/Ireland market. SA-Distribution is a leader in the distribution of Endpoint Devices and Management, who have over 10 years’ experience in selling Thin Clients and Virtualisation solutions. Stefan Lourens - Technical Direc- tor SA-Distribution Ltd said It’s a fantastic opportunity to be given distribution of Atrust’s market lead- ing Hardware and Software Thin clients across the UK & Ireland. We are looking at making Atrust one of the top three vendors in the UK market and believe with their dynamic and agile approach we will be successful very quickly. Too Many Clouds, is a UK based cloud and disruptive technology consulting firm and distributor. Who partner with resellers in all regions and sectors to identify which of their customers would benefit from a move to a virtual- ized environment or the cloud, and transform their business’s IT environment. They are a leading advisor on business cloud and virtualisation infrastructures. We are all excited about the part- nership with Atrust. “Too Many Clouds is now able to offer a com- plete end to end solution to their partner network. Driving value is the key to every solution we hand pick to distribute” said Jazz Padda, Managing Director Too Many Clouds., Atrust’s product portfolio is without a doubt one of the best I’ve seen in sometime, the management console along with the competitive cost ensures that our resellers have a competi- tive edge. Continued Jazz Padda. Allen & Overy has confirmed the eight companies which will work in Fuse, the new tech innovation space based in its London offices. Fuse is targeting legaltech (help- ing in-house lawyers and law firms to operate and deliver their servic- es in smarter, more efficient ways), regtech (supporting businesses in complying with law and regulation) and dealtech (developing new ways for businesses to negotiate and transact with each other). It is an integral part of Allen & Overy’s advanced delivery capability and complements the legal practice’s profile in the fintech arena. The first company invited by Allen & Overy to join Fuse was Nivaura, which is developing an automat- ed and vertically integrated cloud based service for the issue and administration of financial instru- ments by small and medium-sized issuers. As entrepreneurs-in-resi- dence, Nivaura team members will help to guide the tech compa- nies selected to work in the space by sharing advice and business experiences whilst continuing to develop their own business. After reviewing the selection of on- line applications, Allen & Overy in- vited a number of tech companies to a pitch day in July. The compa- nies were asked to present to the inaugural Fuse selection commit- tee which included J.P. Morgan’s Oli Harris, Funding Circle’s Robert Kerrigan, Amazon’s Alex Wong and Balderton’s Sam Myers as well as Allen & Overy participants. Following the pitch process, sev- en companies have been select- ed to move into Fuse in Septem- ber, as follows: • Avvoka – a digital platform in- corporating a contract creation, workflow and analytics tool. • Corlytics – a business pro- viding regulatory risk intelli- gence, using forensic anal- ysis and forecasting of fines and sentencing globally. • iManage – previously known as RAVN, a business develop- ing natural language process- ing and machine learning tech- nology to organise, discover and summarise documents. • Ithaca – a charitable not-for- profit enterprise aiming to create a mobile-responsive online technology platform to assist asylum seekers in gain- ing access to pro bono legal representation and advice. Atrust Computer Corp. Established in 2007, Atrust is a creative, professional, and enthusiastic team which has rich experience in designing, producing Thin Client, Zero Client, Server andManagement Software. On the 8th September, Atrust appoints SA-Distribution Ltd and TooManyClouds as its Master Distributor for the UK/Ireland region. • Legatics – a company that turns ‘paper and email’ based legal processes into simple and innovative software. Opus 2 International – originally a developer of litigation and transcript management software, now devel- oping a tool to support lawyers with the prospectus verification process. Vable – a provider of content ag- gregation, automation and intelli- gence software. Jonathan Brayne, Chairman of Fuse at Allen & Overy, comment- ed: “The selection process has been an extremely interesting and rewarding experience. Now we’re just really looking forward to welcoming the companies into the space next month, introducing people from A&O and our clients’ businesses to it and, ultimate- ly, helping shape what emerges from the Fuse environment.” Shruti Ajitsaria, Head of Fuse at Al- len & Overy, added: “This is an im- pressive roster of companies, which span a variety of technologies and departments. We chose the suc- cessful applicants based on whom we feel we have natural synergies with. We’re now preparing for Fuse to open so that we can begin to ex- plore, test and develop the solutions that these companies offer.” The Fuse initiative attracted over 80 applications from a variety of enterprises, a quarter of which fo- cus on workflows (26%); intelligent document-focussed businesses accounted for 23% of applications, while platforms (22%) and regtech (19%) each accounted for one in five. In terms of development stage, just under half of the applicants (46%) have existing users, while 40% are at the prototype phase and 14% are still at concept stage. Just over half of applicants (55%) revealed that the primary type of assistance sought through the Fuse programme related to busi- ness development or marketing, this was closely followed by prod- uct development (46%) and test- ing (26%). Matthew Dickinson, CEO of Va- ble: “We’re delighted to have been selected by Allen & Overy to work in Fuse alongside their technolo- gists and lawyers. This is a great opportunity for Vable to continue developing new and innovative technical solutions to help our law firm clients deliver their services in smarter, more efficient ways”.