Southern Enterprise Awards 2020

Southern Enterprise Awards 2020 Also in this issue: Best Industrial Equipment Supplier 2020 & Award for Innovation in Industry 4.0 & Automation 2020 SOUTHERN ENTERPRISE AWARDS 2020 Wellington Dental Practic e: Best General & Cosmetic Dental Practice 2020 - South West England Audiology Plus Ltd : Best Private Hearing Clinic 2020 Bridger Bell Commercial LLP : Best Surveyors & Commercial Agents - Surrey The UK has been a powerhouse of manufacturing and industry for many years, harking back to the Industrial Revolution and well beyond that. From fabled architecture to renowned feats of industrial excellence, there is no shortage of history when it comes to British engineering and industrial spirit. As humanity seeks to take another step forward into industrial brilliance, including working with technology and new equipment, suppliers have had to keep up. Discover how Citizen Machinery, a firm that has long been at the heart of the industry in Britain, is stepping up its excellence. Agora Clinic: Best Fertility Clinic - Sussex