Southern Enterprise Awards 2020

10 | Southern Enterprise Awards 2020 Aug20477 Best General & Cosmetic Dental Practice 2020 - South West England At the heart of any successful dental practice is a commitment to outstanding patient care and service. This commitment forms the foundation of Wellington Dental Practice, ensuring that the team have been able to go from strength to strength over the years. We take a closer look at this impressive team to see just how they have achieved such extraordinary success in this year’s Southern Enterprise Awards. Nestled at the foot of the Blackdown Hills, just a few miles away from Taunton is the market town of Wellington. Home to a strong community and impressive food and drink scene, now, Wellington also boasts the Best General & Cosmetic Dental Practice in the South West of England. When the practice opened in 2003, it was a single surgery practice. Now it has expanded to a nine-surgery advanced treatment centre. Under the vision and leadership of the founder and principal dentist Dr Barry Kasai, the practice has seen many changes and developments that the entire team have championed and undertaken. This includes principles of treating patients as we would like to be treated, with high quality dentistry in a professional, fun and stress-free environment. The practice’s success has been built on a great deal of effort, hard work and investment that forms a base of looking to the future. State of the art materials and equipment not only inspire the hard working and dedicated team to deliver better work, but bring about confidence from patients. The experienced team is now able to contribute and act as an all under one roof treatment centre. Regular updates, developments and training ensure that patients in the area are able to access the best possible dental care. The technological solutions that are on hand are numerous indeed, including a Digital 3D Cone- Beam CT Scanner, Digital Intra Oral Cameras, Digital X-rays, Digital SLR Cameras and Microscopes & Microscope Photography. These enable the team to undertake very accurate and precise procedures. The practice also boasts three examples of Surgical Machinery & Handpieces, a Diathermy machine, and Piezo-Electric Implant Equipment. As standard, each surgery comes equipped with Cavitron & Air Scalers as well as Kavo Fibre-Optic Handpieces, Intra oral camera and HD monitor. Naturally, no equipment has value without a dedicated and experienced team, as such, full clinical freedom and support is given to each member of this impressive team. Every one of the many dentists and practice staff are fully qualified and accredited, with regular medical emergency training and continual professional development that is designed to ensure that the high standards of care are maintained. Of course, these steps make for excellent professionals, but also a strong team that works collaboratively for the benefit of the patients. This is achieved through regular meetings, with morning huddles forming the backbone of the business. Here, there is a chance for all aspects of work to be discussed and lessons learned from the previous day. Everyone is encouraged to contribute and it means that everyone’s voice can be heard and acted upon. Creating an environment where people feel valued is not an easy task, but the result is a team that serves patients better. Over the years, Wellington Dental Practice has seen a marked increase in the demand for specialist treatments such as dental implants and advanced root canal therapy, as well as private cosmetic dentistry, tooth whitening, Invisalign and wrinkle reduction injections plus dental hygienist services. It has helped to direct the team away from routine general practice into finding the capacity to offer these advanced services to the people of Wellington and beyond. The nature of the area and the population means that there is more demand for the team to provide these services. Not having the overhead costs of operating in a large city such as Bristol or London has allowed a great deal of investment in the business itself. As the surrounding area has also seen many developments, Wellington Dental Practice has been able to adapt quickly and effectively to meet the needs of the day. Moving efficiently has been vital during the COVID-19 crisis. For the dental industry as a whole, it has been immensely challenging. The work that was undertaken during the UK-wide lockdown enabled the team to invest heavily in safety precautions and equipment such as advanced PPE and air purifiers in every surgery.