Southern Enterprise Awards 2020

Southern Enterprise Awards 2020 | 11 Wellington Dental Practice This allowed the team to come back to work very quickly as restrictions slowly began to lift. Naturally, the team hope to provide a safe environment in which patients feel comfortable, but this has never been as important as during the pandemic. The efforts of the team, however, have allowed the practice to exit the lockdown even stronger than when they entered. Looking forward, the world seems a very different place, but the world of dentistry has not changed all that much. Restrictions have resulted in an experience that is not quite what people are used to, but it is one that is necessary to protect the community. With regards to the surgery, the team have expanded their already formidable range of services even more with the addition of periodontal treatment. This not only benefits patients who come to Wellington Dental Practice, but those who live in the surrounding area. Previously, the nearest location for this sort of work was many miles away, but now the team can accept referrals from colleagues throughout the South West. An enormous amount of foresight and ambition has gone into the expansion of Wellington Dental Practice, and it has earned its place at the forefront of dentistry in the South West. As more and more procedures can be done under the same roof, the team is able to establish themselves as a hub for the region at large. It’s an incredible success that is a credit not only to the hardworking team, but the dedication with which they apply themselves to the needs of their patients. Company: Wellington Dental Practice Contact: Web Address: Wellington Dental Practice has been able to adapt quickly and effectively to meet the needs of the day.