Southern Enterprise Awards 2020

12 | Southern Enterprise Awards 2020 Best Surveyors & Commercial Agents - Surrey Since first putting down roots over four decades ago, Bridger Bell Commercial has become one of the most prominent business organisations in Epsom, Surrey. From its headquarters there, the firm works to take care of property for clients in the local area around Surrey, and across the wider United Kingdom. No matter the size or shape of property in question, Bridger Bell Commercial delivers service excellence like no other. Discover more as we profile the firm following its win in the Southern Enterprise Awards 2020 from SME News Magazine. Whether taking care of a small corner shop in a remote village, or a multi-tenanted building with a prestigious central London address, Bridger Bell Commercial takes great pride in its ability to take care of them with equal excellence. For over forty years, the firm has done it all for its clients, and can now bring an even broader range of knowledge and expertise than it ever could have before. The portfolio of properties that the firm has taken care of includes properties that are residential, retail, office-based, industrial, and investment in nature. This breadth and depth to the firm’s property portfolio gives it an extensive reach into areas that its competitors may not be able to reach. At the same time, however, the personal touch and service that each client receives ensures that every client can benefit from the family feel when it comes to their dealings with Bridger Bell Commercial and its outstanding team. Over the years since its formation, Bridger Bell Commercial has built up a formidable range of expertise in its area of business. As already mentioned, the fact that the firm works with clients who own residential, retail, office, or industrial property stands it head and shoulders above those others in the industry who choose only to work in one specific area. Despite focusing on so many different areas, Bridger Bell Commercial remains proud of its ability to offer a consistently high level of service to both individual clients, and larger commercial clients alike. Commercial property management services can take a myriad of forms, but Bridger Bell Commercial excels at them all. These include rent collection and payment, service charge management, RICS-compliant account reporting, insurance co-ordination, dilapidations and repairs, asset management advice, facilities management, and residential block management. Having the assistance of an expert in residential block management can be priceless for anyone involved in the industry, be they the director of a resident’s management company, a freeholder, or a developer. Bridger Bell Commercial’s specialist knowledge of managing the communal areas of blocks of flats and private roadways, as well as properties of any size, new builds, and conversions is seriously helpful. What cements those services as exceptional and what firmly establishes Bridger Bell Commercial as a firm worth trusting and partnering with is its accreditation and regulation by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. This imposes reassuringly high standards on its services, and means all funds are under-written by the RICS’ Client Money Protection Scheme. For all its accreditation and regulation however, it is perhaps the personal service that the team at Bridger Bell Commercial offers which is most striking. All members of the team are happy to come and visit any client at their property to provide them with details of the service can be provided and how the team can help them manage their property. Whether it be meeting with directors to discuss and talk through the process and what needs to be done, or handling the service needs of a client, Bridger Bell Commercial works to deal with all problems quickly and efficiently. The firm gives solid and sound advice at all times, based on a keen understanding of what the client’s needs are at all times. The ultimate aim is to take he stress out of residential block management. What takes the stress out of the process the most is the knowledge and expertise that Bridger Bell Commercial offers to its clients. The team’s expertise takes the stress out of the process of investing in, and managing, commercial property. They can make even the most complicated aspects of the sector easy to understand for client, and the in-depth familiarity with the commercial property market continues to feed this expert understanding. Local knowledge of Surrey and the surrounding areas, as well as various local areas within the Aug20540 This imposes reassuringly high standards on its services, and means all funds are under-written by the RICS’ Client Money Protection Scheme.