Southern Enterprise Awards 2020

16 | Southern Enterprise Awards 2020 Aug20491 Established just three years in the counties of Sussex and Surrey, Audiology Plus is a private hearing clinic that truly understands what it means to experience the joy of being able to hear. There are many things to listen out for throughout the course of a human life, be it the first words of a child, or the sound of waves upon a shore. Being able to experience these things is a joy, and Audiology Plus works hard to ensure that every one of its clients has the chance to experience these things. We take a closer look to find out more about how the firm does this. Listening and hearing can mean many different things to many different people. Where some people prefer the silence of their own company, others want to experience all the joyful sounds of life. Audiology Plus, a private hearing clinic operated in Sussex and Surrey, offers a comprehensive diagnostic hearing assessment to those who are struggling with hearing loss, those seeking the fitting of a digital hearing aid and subsequent aftercare, and a myriad of other issues. For the last three years since the firm’s inception, it has had one sole purpose and mission as a clinic; to offer excellent clinical care to all patients by ensuring they receive the best quality healthcare and ongoing aftercare and re-assessments every year. Alongside the diagnostic work and hearing aid work, Audiology Plus also works with those suffering from Tinnitus, those needing ear wax removal, and supports consultant-led ENT clinics in some areas of the two counties in which it operates. The last three years has seen Audiology Plus rapidly grow in reputation, particularly for being a friendly, reliable, and professional private clinic for those who need help to manage their hearing loss, tinnitus, and balance. Audiology Plus offers an array of services to determine the right solution for every individual patient. As hearing-impaired individuals are often subjected to prejudice and misconception, the clinic strives to remove that stigma by providing personalised care, education, and the latest technology to its patients in order to help improve their lives in truly meaningful ways. When delivering patient care, it is imperative that one understands the importance of providing the best care possible for all patients. Putting the needs of the patient first is the key to delivering efficient patient care. Often, it is the case that the small things make the biggest difference between a good experience, Best Private Hearing Clinic 2020 and a bad experience. Audiology Plus aims to provide a high quality of clinical care to its patients, always taking notice of the small things and working tirelessly to take care of them for the patient. However, Audiology Plus is not just a hearing aids dispensing service. The clinic also offers a professional evaluation for balance assessment and management, regardless of triggers, be it Vertigo or BPPV, or something else entirely. Audiology Plus also offer a comprehensive tinnitus management program to ensure that tinnitus does not negatively impact on the patients. They take pride in its provision of counselling, through a trained and experience audiologist who will endeavour to improve the patient’s quality of life. This is hugely beneficial for the patient because the effects of tinnitus can often be minimized by a combination of counselling and sound stimulation. Fractal tones are designed to provide relaxation, and may also be used as a tool in sound therapy. Sound is widely believed to be helpful in reducing stress, thanks in part to the wide range of neural structures that are activated when listening to music. Much as is the case with many other industries around the world, trends are prevalent in the medical community, and have affected the service that Audiology Plus provides to its patients. More and more patients today are choosing a service where there is no waiting list or hassle to see a hearing professional. Many prefer to deal with a smaller, and more private audiology company, rather than a large chain on the high street. At Audiology Plus, the patient is treated as an individual from the beginning of the process, in an unhurried and relaxed atmosphere. Relaxation is absolutely key, as is getting the best possible service to those individuals who need it most based on their hearing requirements. For example, not everyone will be able to get to the clinic when they need to. This could be down to medical or mobility issues, but it should never stop the patient from accessing the medical treatments that they need in order to enjoy a sensory and auditory experience to its fullest extent. It is in these times that Audiology Plus will use every tool in its arsenal to ensure that the patient gets what they need, regardless of whether or not they can make it to the clinic. The firm makes full use of portable equipment to provide audiological assessments, hearing aids fittings, hearing aids repairs, and ear wax removal in the comfort of a patient’s own home. Home visits are suitable for all clients, and it is made even more appealing and accessible by the fact that a referral from a GP is not required. Being based in the South of England has a great many benefits for Audiology Plus, and its status as a private hearing clinic. Sussex and Surrey are notably well populated areas, when compared to the remainder of the country, and much of the population has a very busy life style and a high life expectancy. That Hearing Loss only affects older people is a MYTH!!! Around 12 million people live with hearing loss in the UK and with a busy life style they don’t have time to wait for a GP referral or a hospital appointment. They want to see the audiologist who will test, diagnose and supply hearing aids almost immediately. Looking ahead to the future, Audiology Plus is focused on one thing: expansion. The plans are in place to grow the clinic into a household name for private hearing care, and the skills are already there to take it to the next level. A small team maybe, but each member strives to ensure that the patients receive the best possible care that takes into the account the individual’s circumstances. Everyone brings a wealth of experience and serious education from different areas, but all are amalgamated