Southern Enterprise Awards 2020

20 | Southern Enterprise Awards 2020 Oct20132 Global News Agency Offers Specialist Media Outlets a Window on the World International News Services Ltd is a unique news agency that supplies specialist trade, business, industrial and professional publications with news, features, interviews, analysis, photographs, graphics, videos and podcasts from around the world. In business since 1997 and incorporated in the UK since 2000, it works with more than 200 experienced journalists, based in bureaus in every continent, from Brussels to London; Moscow to Paris; São Paulo to Washington DC; Durban to Tunis; Sydney to Tokyo; and New Delhi to Hong Kong. International News Services serves more than 100 clients, including publications such as Accounting & Business, just-, Petroleum Review, Polymers Paint Colour Journal, Money Laundering Bulletin, Tobacco Journal International, automotive publication wardsauto. com, and many more. The agency’s core service is expertly written and edited high quality text, supplied by independent journalists, adding value to its clients, whose readers are discerning experts in their fields. Clients contact the agency’s central commissioning desks, based in Kent, south-east England, and Ottawa, Canada, when they need help. And they also respond with orders to ideas collected by International News Services editors from the agency’s global writer network. Agency editors carefully fact, spell and grammar- check an article, which is then given a second careful copy edit for style and content. An efficient administrative system collects fees and pays journalists. Here, the agency is aided by partners New Delhi-based business services company Sand Martin and Toronto-based payment services company Cambridge Global Payments. International News Services also provides professional video and audio, including interviews and longer form multi interview reports. And the agency delivers high quality high resolution photographic images to clients. International News Services began its life in Kent, the home of editor and founder Keith Nuthall, an experienced journalist. Its initial work focused on the regulatory changes of the European Union (EU), expanding to offer international regulatory news and analysis about the World Trade Organisation, the United Nations, and regional trade deals. From there it expanded to writing market reports and articles on innovation and technical developments. As a result, International News Services started to recruit journalists around the world. Demand has remained high for its services. Writing articles for specialist business and industry publications is professional work, beyond the skills of amateur bloggers and pundits who have eroded the income of professional general publications. Keith Nuthall, editor of International News Services Ltd International News Services offers its writers regular work and hence secures their loyalty and availability for clients. And its ability to offer coverage from almost any country in the world benefits smaller publications needing to recruit quality writers internationally. In its 23 years of trading, International News Services has supplied more than 50,000 articles to international publications. And these readers are senior managers, professionals, financiers and officials who have influence and power over their sectors. “This is why we are proud of our work at International News Services,” said editor Keith Nuthall. “We know we have made a difference in informing influential people about often complex international legal and business issues.” *