Southern Enterprise Awards 2020

23 | Southern Enterprise Awards 2020 Combining personalised, straightforward and responsive service with ground-breaking research on interim management, Holdsway has established itself as one of the UK’s highest-rated interim firms. Introducing experienced interim executives to businesses across the full spectrum of the economy, Holdsway has helped hundreds of organisations accelerate change and enable growth and business improvement. Established in 2013, Holdsway offers an extensive network of known and proven interim executives who help clients manage a full range of change and transition situations. Since the firm’s inception, Holdsway has become one of the UK’s leading interim management firms through its candid, straightforward service underpinned by industry- leading research. Serving clients in over thirty sectors of the economy, including large multinational corporations and small to medium-sized enterprises, Holdsway’s clients are all united in their need to resolve a specific situation, but a lack of in-house experience to do so. Providing an extensive network of experienced interim executives, Holdsway’s expertise is matching an organisation with the ideal interim, best suited to helping them manage their change situation. From day one, Holdsway has been dedicated to providing straightforward, highly experienced and responsive service that has been built up from simple yet strong foundations. Beginning with the establishment and curation of relationships with their network of clients, prospects and interims, the firm then dedicated its efforts to offering candid advice that is informed by well-researched and knowledgeable insight, delivered in a personalised way, and always concise and relevant shortlists. Holdsway was established as a ‘disruptor firm’, designed to offer great service crafted around people and relationships, always promoting the many benefits of interim management. With enabling positive change at the very centre of their philosophy, Holdsway has partnered with business schools to promote deeper understanding of interim management as an effective resource in managing successful business transformation. Holdsway’s priority is to support the needs of their clients, with knowledgeable insight and expertly selected interim executives. Best Interim Recruitment Agent 2020 Operating independently, Holdsway is unimpeded by conflicts of interest and overlapping service lines found in many large recruitment firms. They remain true to their core values - which have helped them become one of the UK’s leading interim management firms - dedicated to complete client service. Clients engage Holdsway for their candid, consultative approach to interim recruitment – there’s no hard sell , just the immediate response an organisation needs when they are dealing with change. The Holdsway service is underpinned by urgency - every client, interim executive or potential contact is replied to rapidly. The agility and responsiveness of this small but influential firm also means that the Holdsway team is listening to their clients and interim executives, establishing exactly what service is needed and when. Consequently, Holdsway has built longstanding relationships based on trust and understanding. As a result, clients always get the ideal interim to help them. Generating 95% repeat business, Holdsway shows that strong relationships and personalised service wins business. Whilst access to business networks in the South continues to mature, and are certainly critical to Holdsway and its clients, the greatest transformation in the way business operates has undoubtedly been accelerated by the effects of Covid-19. However, as the working environment becomes more flexible, interim management - a portent to this trend since the early nineties, is becoming even more relevant to business. As organisations become leaner but still require management experience to deal with the unprecedented acceleration of change in the workplace, interims are becoming an obvious solution for many. Holdsway remains focused on providing the best available interims to their clients whenever they need extra experience. As Holdsway looks ahead, the team continues to deploy their personalised, candid and responsive approach to helping organisations accelerate change and growth, whilst being leading advocates for interim management as a vital business service. As we weather the economic storm and deal with a rapidly evolving way of working, Holdsway is always at hand, supporting its clients with award-winning service and immediately available executives. Contact: Nick Diprose Tel: 0203 053 4438 Web Address: Holdsway’s expertise is matching an organisation with the ideal interim, best suited to helping them manage their change situation. Oct20020