Southern Enterprise Awards 2020

28 | Southern Enterprise Awards 2020 Most Client-Focused Shipping & Transport Company - UK As KPM Shipping and Transport Services enters its eighth year of trading, the small freight forwarding company is consistently unfazed by logistical challenges. Indeed, what others would find to be disruptive and nightmarish adversities, such as Covid-19 and Brexit planning, Founder Kevin Manning and his team regularly take in their stride, providing informed, efficient solutions. With their approach that puts clients first, whether they are shipping to Lanzarote or the Canary Islands, KPM is committed to delivering simple yet effective service every time. Established in 2012, KPM Services is a freight forwarding company providing a range of global logistics solutions in collaboration with major global shipping lines, principally to and from the Canary Islands and Lanzarote. Despite its small size, KPM boasts over a century of combined industry experience which is implemented in the firm’s well-renowned customer engagement and support. Offering services in sea, air and couriers and road freight, KPM is able to guarantee a smooth journey from the initial consultation all the way up to the filing of the final piece of paperwork. In eight years of operation, KPM would be hard pressed to find something that they hadn’t shipped, whether it be one-off art exhibitions, B2B and B2C products, scientific equipment or a family’s complete possessions as they emigrate to a new home. Regardless of the size, shape or quantity of cargo, KPM remains focused on creating and delivering the highest standards in logistics. Since beginning his career in the freight forwarding industry in 1973, Kevin Manning has always operated by the same values, in which the customer is put first and hard work to deliver the best service for them is paramount. Having been involved in many pivotal shifts on a global scale in the industry, such as joining the Common Market in 1975 and working on the Hong Kong Mass Transit Railway, Kevin has never once lost his drive or enthusiasm for being part of such a dynamic industry. More recently, KPM has witnessed the growing trend in increasing goods movement from the East and the USA, an exciting transition that presents opportunities to learn and evolve, in Oct20127 particular concerning how the small firm operates across time zones. Even prior to the global pandemic, this brought a great deal of interesting challenges, but with the firm’s priority resiliently dedicated to clients and their needs, KPM has made the necessary adjustments to ensure that exceptional communication is maintained with both clients and colleagues in the supply chain, regardless of where in the world they might be. The outbreak of Coronavirus had an inordinate impact on the freight forwarding industry, particularly in the limitations placed on airfreight cargo space owing to the reduced flights globally. Closer to home, changes in the way businesses and their employees work is also adding to the mercurial nature of the economy, but KPM remain unperturbed in the face of adversity. Being a small and agile firm, KPM is able to use its years of experience and dynamism in responsiveness to resolve issues with minimal disruption, creating and implementing solutions seamlessly. For Kevin and his team, the focus remains on supporting clients through this period of transition, maintaining their high standards of service and always being on hand for their clients all across the globe, answering queries and providing solutions as and when they are needed. KPM has a thorough understanding that each client is unique in their import and export requirements, and prioritises tailoring bespoke solutions to businesses’ logistical conundrums, reassuring them that their shipping needs are in safe, reliable hands. This reassurance has rarely been so vital as it is in these and the coming months. With new challenges such as Covid-19, Brexit and the drive towards a more sustainable, carbon neutral world at the fore of the world’s attention, KPM will continue working to offer the very best in shipping services for their clients. The plan for the future is a simple one: to keep delivering the same, impeccable service and logistics solutions to all customers, old and new. Although Kevin may be nearing four decades in the freight forwarding industry, he insists he is looking forward to many more years ahead, delivering bespoke solutions and the best service possible to every one of his clients. Contact: Kevin Manning Web Address: