Southern Enterprise Awards 2020

32 | Southern Enterprise Awards 2020 Aug20543 Best High Net Worth Wealth Planners 2020 - South East England With origins dating back to the mid-1980s, HFMC Wealth is firmly rooted as one of the most effective and trustworthy wealth planners in South East England. They have a long history of successful, boutique service that makes them experts in their field. Founded by Jeremy Hoyland, HFMC Wealth was built on a simple vision: to provide comprehensive financial planning for individual families. His goal, as described in his journal, was to “[build] the highest quality financial management business in the country.” Since then, the company has grown to employ over 100 people, spread over two offices and are indeed one of the highest quality high net worth wealth planners in the UK. This can be seen by the fact that they are a Chartered financial planning firm. Only 15% of financial planning firms in the UK actually hold that accreditation. They are also one of only 26 chartered firms that have over 50 members of staff. The spread of their staff means that they have room for specialisms that can meet any clients’ needs. All of the staff at HFMC are expertly trained for the same mission: to help clients understand their financial needs, identify their clients’ aspirations and work towards achieving those goals over time. There are six principal financial objectives that HFMC work towards with each of their clients, these are: 1. Co-ordinating and organising client financial affairs, acting as their personal finance director 2. Building and preserving capital 3. Legitimate optimisation of tax planning 4. Managing cash and borrowing 5. Protecting clients and their family against financial risk 6. Effectively managing client business and exit planning In all their dealings, HFMC strive to follow their three Ts mantra: Trust, Transparency and Tailored advice. For them, trust is the most essential ingredient for effective communication with their clients. With this, comes transparency. HFMC is totally transparent, from the way that they charge for their services, to their planning process and to the investments that they seek for their clients’ money. When dealing with another person’s wealth, there is no room for opacity and HFMC ensure that they are completely trustworthy. The mantra helps to remind them that each client is individual and therefore need individual, tailored advice. The company is not there to dole out the same investment opportunities to all their clients — they become an interested and active partner to each. As such, the staff are constantly looking for innovative ways to enhance their integrated wealth planning services. Creativity is key. HFMC have set the bar very high for themselves with their exemplary service over the decades. In order to maintain this high quality and to breed creativity, time and effort are put into the development of each staff member. They are proud to encourage all staff, not just the advisers, to fulfil their potential. They not only pay for professional qualifications but provide paid study leave and flexible working patterns. In fact, HFMC won Professional Adviser’s Best Financial Advisers to Work for 2019 award. It emphasises the company’s very low staff turnover rate and employee happiness. Although this is an all-round positive factor, it also has the benefit of improving the company’s service. Strong staff retention is key to the growth of the company, with the average tenure of lead advisers being 15 years. This provides continuity for clients, which is invaluable for high net worth business that is built on relationships. In addition to a positive internal culture, one of the reasons HFMC deserves to be named the Best High Net Worth Wealth Planners 2020 in South East England is their charitable work. They are the founding and lead sponsor of Veloce, an award-winning, world-class, star-studded motorsport charity track day. In its first four years, Veloce raised over £350,000 for charity. The future will see HFMC leaning more into digitalisation and their clients able to access all their financial affairs in one place, online. This includes the digital storage of vital documents such as wills, property deeds and insurance contracts. The huge benefit to this is that clients will be able to access their documents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Overall, HFMC provide a holistic, trustworthy, transparent service that has seen many of their clients utilise their wealth in ways that have elevated their assets. From the humble beginnings with Jeremy Hoyland in the mid-1980s, they have grown into one of the most prestigious and effective wealth planners in England. Contact: Stephanie Whiting Website: