Southern Enterprise Awards 2020

38 | Southern Enterprise Awards 2020 Aug20419 Established in 2013, the physiotherapy clinic operation known today as Rehabplus began life as Advanced Total Therapy Limited with clinics in Chiswick and Rochester. In the seven years since, the operation has become a leading independent provider of clinically evidenced, cost-effective physiotherapy and injury rehabilitation services within the United Kingdom. Now operating from more than twenty physiotherapy clinics nationwide with more than fifteen physiotherapists, discover the success of Rehabplus as we profile the firm. Following a physical injury, the rehabilitation period can be one of the most painful and difficult things for an individual to go through. For those struggling with it, Rehabplus offers physiotherapy and rehabilitation services to private and fee-paying customers, the medico-legal sector, occupational health facilities, and many large businesses throughout the United Kingdom. Working tirelessly on behalf of their clients, the team at Rehabplus comprises largely of professional and highly-trained specialists, each being Chartered Physiotherapists, and Health and Care Professions Council-registered. All of the team work together to ensure that every client receives only the most effective and efficient therapeutic solutions available, maximising the rehabilitation potential of each client. Ultimately, the vision of Rehabplus is to use intelligent solutions to provide accessible and supportive rehabilitation, so every individual feels they have received the best personalised care and service. Rehabplus also operates with a great amount of core values, including that of innovation, effectiveness, integrity, professional development, Most Innovative Physiotherapy Services 2020 and patient centricity. By focusing on innovation within its operations and service, the firm is able to be ahead of the game, being the first Physiotherapy clinic provider to integrate a digital triage into their initial assessment process. Proficient treatment plans and efficient processing of referrals will result in effective service delivery. Integrity also plays a key role in the development of Rehabplus, and the firm adheres to high levels of professional standards and focuses on adopting an honest and trustworthy ethos. Professional development for Rehabplus includes providing its staff with continual development opportunities that will improve staff retention add value to the delivery service. One of the more outstanding elements to the service provided by Rehabplus is that the firm provides bespoke work focused musculoskeletal rehabilitation services, which includes assessment and treatment from clinics across London and the south coast of England. In a bid to reduce employees’ musculoskeletal absence, the clinics of Rehabplus are supported by a national network of clinically audited physiotherapy clinics across the United Kingdom, with more than six hundred physiotherapy locations. The virtual services have also been widely used by businesses, private patients, and med-legal providers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Rehabplus has delivered more than 100,000 minutes of virtually physiotherapy services between March and August 2020. All of the Rehabplus Physiotherapy clinics were closed between March and July 2020, during which the firm was able to provide industry- leading virtual therapy services. Almost one thousand patients have been moved from undergoing face-to-face, in-clinic treatment to a virtual physiotherapy platform in less than five days. The transition was smooth and swift, ensuring that every patient can continue to receive the care they deserve. Rehabplus also ensures that all operations and clinical teams adhere to the company values, of being innovative, effectiveness, integrity, professional development, and patient centricity. This is embedded throughout the delivery and interviewing process. Looking to the future, Rehabplus is looking to continue in developing the new brand across the present locations, and also look to further increase its clinic footprint in 2020, 2021, and beyond. The firm will continue to grow its national physiotherapy service provision and virtual services having recently won a large national contract providing full musculoskeletal assessment and treatment services to the education sector. Rehabplus is aiming to become one of the United Kingdom’s most reliable and trusted musculoskeletal service providers to the occupational health, med-legal, and corporate sectors. Ultimately, Rehabplus exemplifies what it means to be an exceptional British business focused on helping people. The firm represents the best of innovation with virtual physiotherapy, and is looking now to work with businesses that need help managing their workplace musculoskeletal absence. As work and life balance becomes more and more important, so too does maintaining physical health and Rehabplus is exceptional at doing just that. Contact: Chris Bartlett Website: