Southern Enterprise Awards 2020

39 | Southern Enterprise Awards 2020 Sep201024 Best Cloud-Based CAD Design Software 2020 Cadonix was formed in 2012 in response to a gap in the market. Computer aided design (CAD) tools within the automotive industry were limiting the companies that employed them, leaving workers utilising legacy tools that did not give them enough options. Cadonix set out to correct this. They introduced a new tool suite called ACARDIA that was built on the then-emerging cloud technology. It was designed to run entirely in a web browser. Cadonix pioneered the research and development to enable the patented technology to be the first enterprise CAD suite in both the cloud and web browser. Although their initial goal was to solve the issues that automotive firms faced when it came to electrical drawings, over the years the suite has expanded to cover the full end-to-end lifecycle of the electrical harness. The offerings now include architecture, topology, schematic, simulation, harness design, formboard, manufacturing, and automated testing, as well as API integration into other systems. Core to Cadonix’s business is the understanding that their tools should never limit their customers by dictating their workflow. It is very important to them that their customers are unfettered and have room to manoeuvre to be as creative as possible. Because of this belief, their customers are able to design and maintain their products in the way that is best for their business. The collaborative nature of the Cadonix’s tools means that clients, vendors and suppliers are all able to work together seamlessly. It makes their jobs simpler and removes knowledge or access boundaries that can slow down the processes of other companies that haven’t embraced cloud- based utilities. Why work slow when you can work efficiently? Cadonix is not a multi-billion-dollar multinational like their competitors. They are a British start- Since the formation of the company, Cadonix have revolutionised the way CAD design software is used. Foregoing the clunky, restrictive tools that came before, Cadonix offer browser-based cloud software that grant their customers a higher level of efficiency and collaboration than was possible before. up trying to change the industry. The benefit of this goes directly to their customers. Cadonix is agile, taking pride in listening to their customers and being responsive to their needs. They listen to all customers, large or small, incorporating their requirements into the tool suite. The company has an easy onboarding process for new customers, offering educational support and comprehensive part libraries, or a smooth transition route for customers moving from a competitor’s CAD product. Andrew Armstrong of Cadonix said: “It would be easy to tout features on how our cloud platform allows us to continuously improve and update our suite and release new features several times per year etc. But genuinely, I believe our USP is the 100% support we are willing to give to our customers to solve their issues by developing processes or features in our suite. All our staff have worked in the industries we support, and most are senior engineers in their respective disciplines. This unique mix allows us to interact with our customers unlike any other company in the industry. “Although a lot of our business is conducted online, we do enjoy working directly with customers and partners to really understand how their organisations work. From a business perspective, being in the south gives us easy access to customers based not only in the UK, but also globally, with Heathrow and other London Airports within easy reach. While I appreciate the irony of a cloud-based company valuing physical meetings so highly, it is the difference between practical engineering and speculative engineering, and I prefer all our staff operate as the former!” Andrew concluded by saying “Now, almost a decade after the company was formed, we are offering an enterprise level suite that puts us in the top three companies in the market. We are incredibly grateful of the faith our customers had with us in the early days taking the leap into these relatively unknown technologies and allowing us to be the world leader in cloud and browser based automotive and electrical CAD.” Contact: Andrew Armstrong Website: The collaborative nature of the Cadonix’s tools means that clients, vendors and suppliers are all able to work together seamlessly.