Southern Enterprise Awards 2020

40 | Southern Enterprise Awards 2020 Sep20062 It is a great responsibility to capture a client’s most precious moments, whether it be a wedding, special birthday or religious ceremony. Visionary Filming Ltd take on that responsibility as an honour, capturing every moment with expert skill and vision through videography, cinematography and photography. Recognising that each event is truly unique, the Visionary Filming team are masters in memorialising the very essence of an event in a treasured token that their clients can keep forever. Established in 2014 by brothers Chris and Peter, later joined by Roshi (Peter’s Wife) who is the Lead Photographer and Cinematographer, Visionary Filming Ltd is a team of experts in capturing the special moments of their clients lives through videography, cinematography and photography. Producing mini trailers and images, Visionary Filming boasts the excellent technical skills and exquisite taste required to deliver the most exceptional souvenirs. For Chris, Peter, Roshi and their expert freelancer team, photography and videography has always been a means of collating a story in fine art. Where Picasso used his paint brush, Visionary Filming uses their professional cameras and equipment to create colourful masterpieces that perfectly encapsulate the uplifted emotions and spirit of a magnificent event. Furthermore, it is an honour to do so; taking part in a personal or corporate event and being trusted to realise their client’s vision. Preserving every detail of an event in film or picture, from the colours to the food, the dancing to the atmosphere, Visionary Filming sees each project as a unique and exciting challenge. For example, the team frequently capture Lebanese, Moroccan and Algerian weddings which, on the surface, appear similar yet in fact have very specific cultural differences. The innovative team are recognised as romanticists who highlight the various events which occur on the special day for their Sikh, Hindu & Muslim clients. Visionary Filming not only acknowledges this but focuses on showcasing the unique attributes of each wedding. Beginning with an initial consultation, Visionary Film demonstrates their creative flair and boundless possibilities for their clients’ projects. Best Emotive Wedding Photography & Videography Business - London Drawing inspiration from the UK, Hollywood and Bollywood, the team pays close attention to the minute details of their clients’ needs and vision and remains on hand throughout to answer any queries, so as to deliver a final product that perfectly encapsulates the complete character of an event. The team prefers to capture the events chronologically so as to achieve the most natural flow and authentic moments as the events unfold. This concept is maintained and emphasised throughout the editing process, using innovative effects and injecting elements that unite the images or videos with the culture of the wedding. The final products are always delivered on time to hugely positive reception, either on USB sticks, DVD or Blu-ray or in Family Story Albums available in a selection of styles and sizes. As a member of The Societies of Photographers and with dedication to incorporating the best technology and skills into their work, Visionary Filming is able to guarantee professionalism. Working with passionate freelancers and recruiting photographers who share the same enthusiasm and vision as the rest of the team. Together, the firm works as a collaboration, continually exploring new ways of capturing special moments in the best way. The excellent customer service combined with the beautiful finished products are what generates positive referrals that have kept the business thriving, even throughout lockdown. Whilst the many Sikh and Hindu weddings that were due to take place in 2020 have been moved back to next year as a result of the pandemic, Visionary Filming has demonstrated its adaptability and has guaranteed their clients business next year, removing any unnecessary stress from what is already an overwhelming period for families. Meanwhile, Visionary Filming is making the most of the relaxed Government regulations that allow for weddings of fifteen - thirty people, and while the firm may be used to shooting parties of up to a thousand in luxurious venues, they are learning new and innovative technology keeping loved ones to be part of the special events using live viewing technology via YouTube & Zoom and how to thrive in the current situation. For Chris, Peter and Roshi, it has been a pleasure to capture much more intimate events that are often even more emotional during such unprecedented times. As the wedding and events sector faces uncertainty over the coming months, Visionary Filming is continuing to offer the very best in cinematography, videography and photography. Adaptable and conscientious, the firm is looking forward to efficiently capturing even more momentous family events, whether they be small weddings of fifteen -thirty in a family home or a thousand-strong party in the not-too- distant future. Contact: Peter Rodericks Web Address: