Southern Enterprise Awards 2020

43 | Southern Enterprise Awards 2020 Aug20639 Best Publishing PR Agency 2020 - UK After several years as a freelance journalist and managing a hub for food and drinks PRs, Helen Lewis opened the doors of LitPR with plans to do things differently to the norm. Whilst many PR agencies are focused on quantity of clients, providing an impersonal service that suits them rather than their clients, LitPR has worked closely with its large network to get to know their clients and help them achieve the next level in their career. Although not the first book publicists on the block, Helen and her team at LitPR are taking a refreshing new approach to publicity and marketing that has seen the company thrive over the past seven years. In fact, despite the challenges of losing 45% of their clients in the first week of lockdown in March 2020, as publishers and authors pushed back the release dates of their books, the latest financial year has since become the company’s most successful in history. While other agencies slowed down/ stopped, hid away or disappeared, LitPR provided free webinars on topics from blog tours to social media tips every Friday on Facebook, they created new services and packages, they kept in communication with all their clients, and encouraged authors to get creative, stay focused and positive. It paid off. While the short-term goals for most LitPR clients are a surge in sales, in the long-term, the company seeks to provide future opportunities to their clients, staying in contact on a regular basis to ensure they never miss out on the next big thing. Key to the firm’s success is unparalleled commitment and unwavering determination. Such devotion to a client’s growth is rare for any PR and marketing agency, but that’s just the way this hard-working firm operates. This devotion is particularly prized amongst the many SMEs, brand owners, entrepreneurs, authors and publishers in the south-east of A champion of entrepreneurs, authors and publishers, Literally PR is the Kent-based, multiple-prize-winning publicity and marketing agency that specialises in creative and cost-efficient solutions. Established by Helen Lewis in 2013, there are now six members of the team combining decades of experience. Working with self-published and indie authors at the Indie Author Agency specialist division to traditionally-published authors, LitPR has a strong reputation for delivering ‘above and beyond’ support to help each client as an individual. England, who are often overshadowed and overlooked by the bigger, more established companies in the nearby capital city. Helen and her team are proud of their beautiful location in the garden of England, not just due to their rural and relaxing setting but because of the inspiring people, businesses and brands that the firm is able to support on a local basis. A team of hardworking creatives, the LitPR crew are constantly sharing ideas, strategies and plans in a veritable hive of collaboration and positivity. It is also essential for Helen to work with people who take pride in what they do and treat every client, colleague and community with the same enthusiastic respect. It has taken some learning to identify people who truly share these values, but as Helen looks to surround herself with even more positive influences as she grows her team of flexible and full-time employees over the next year, there is no doubt her rigorous selection process is paying off. As their client, Caroline Jones puts it: “Nothing prepared me for writing my first book. What got me through this journey was the support and reassurance from Helen and her team at Literally PR, they believed in me, in my story, in my ability and guided me with sensitivity and care. The Literally PR machine is mighty and that is down to hard work, determination and grit. What continues to impress me is their work ethic and genuine love of this industry. I couldn’t be in better hands.” Contact: Helen Lewis Web Address: Contact Email: