Southern Enterprise Awards 2020

44 | Southern Enterprise Awards 2020 Aug20659 The challenge of business is the successful launch of complex programmes and projects, but such endeavours bring with them considerable risks. To lower those risks, many companies bring in experts who have proven expertise in delivering unusual projects. The team behind Concept Launch Partners – or CLPartners – was brought together for that express purpose. We take a closer look at the firm to see how it has been able to achieve such a high degree of success. Launched in 1998, by Keith Edwards, CLPartners is a group of highly experienced business professionals. With many years of expertise ensuring that companies deliver necessary programmes, projects and initiatives, they now offer a place where that expertise can be collected and shared amongst a wider audience. The team’s success come from their specialism. Every member of the team brings a pedigree of strong delivery. Many businesses have an agency of consultants, but CLPartners knows and works with all of its staff, meaning that service is incredibly targeted and can be matched closely to a customer’s needs & requirements. Hiring a team like CLPartners means taking on people who know where things can go wrong, and more importantly, how to avoid the pitfalls that can arise on a project. No complex project can operate without the capacity to be flexible and integrate new ideas and problems and the team at CLPartners know this better than anyone. Their approach doesn’t just meet the needs of a client, but aligns with what already exists with regards to their processes. Working openly and honestly, the team enhances what is already part of a business and makes it sing. The work that CLPartners undertakes allows the team to work across the UK and Europe. This work is mainly in the Telecoms and New Media sectors, allowing the team a degree of specialism in how they work. Being close to customers geographically allows the team to maintain strong relationships that make any project stronger and more successful. The team’s success has come from these strong relationships, encouraging an independent mindset that benefits the customer above all Best Programme Delivery Partner 2020 else. Instead of being wedded to a specific way of doing things or to a specific set of applications, CLPartners finds the most appropriate way forward for an individual situation. Generally, customers are large multi-national FTSE100 organisations and the projects CLPartners delivers are critical £ multi-million initiatives for them. This flexibility is key to project success. CLPartners has always embraced a flexible working environment for its staff too, and it’s an approach that has placed the company in good stead for the challenges that many businesses have found during the COVID-19 pandemic. The impact of a full lockdown on the UK has had a clear impact on working habits, and it’s obvious that working from home is likely to be not only the norm for the foreseeable future, but an intrinsic part of how businesses act. Moving to these new ways of working represents a major opportunity for CLPartners, but the team also know that many smaller businesses will not be able to survive this change to their operations. Working closely with customers to ensure that as many as possible survive this potentially damaging change is part of the team’s business plan moving forward. Over 2021 and 2022, organisations seem likely to restart plans halted by the pandemic, creating more work for CLPartners. The team have already overhauled their internal processes and applications in order to prepare for this upturn in traffic. Many businesses embrace a specialist eye, but few are quite so accomplished as CLPartners. With a strong record of adaptability and success behind them, it’s little wonder this business has thrived in the Southern Enterprise Awards. As the way the world works continues to change, this firm seems set to flourish for years to come. Company: Concept Launch Partners Ltd (CLPartners) Contact: Deborah Barnett Web Address: As the way the world works continues to change, this firm seems set to flourish for years to come. Keith Edwards, CEO of CLPartners accepting the award