Southern Enterprise Awards 2020

53 | Southern Enterprise Awards 2020 Most Professional Asbestos Consultancy Service 2020 – Bristol Hawkins Insulation Ltd is a company with a long history. First established in 1973, the company has almost 50 years of delivering top quality, trustworthy service. Founded by Keith Hawkins, the business has stayed firmly within the family, with the responsibility of running the company passing onto his son, Dean. Hawkins Ltd have a history with all insulation types but have developed a niche as asbestos specialists. As times changes and legislation regarding the substance changed, the company naturally changed with it. By 2015, asbestos surveying and removal became such a main component of their income that they progressed to become a sole asbestos removal company. Historically, asbestos is a seasonal trade. Work ebbs and flows in line with the building industry. Busy summers and quieter winters. It shows the benefits of working with a niche however, as while a lot of building works across the globe had to slow or halt entirely throughout the pandemic, Hawkins Ltd continued working as they were required for essential and emergency works during lockdown. They serve a myriad of clients. Their client base includes city councils for whom they have helped serve hospitals and other NHS locations, housing associations, the National Trust, and major contractors working in the domestic sector. Hawkins Ltd works on the basis of one simple ethos: trust. Dean Hawkins commented “Trust has been our core value since inception, and I am proud to continue my father’s legacy. Making ends meet is difficult at the best of times, but this year has posed an exceptional challenge to small and large businesses alike. One Bristol-based company found that their specialised niche, coupled with their dedication to a trustworthy service has seen them through the tough times. Oct20255    “We are not simply here to make money. Often, we will advise clients on the best course of action, which may not necessarily be profitable. We give the best advice that suits their needs versus us making quick money. We have achieved nearly 50 successful years of trading and I believe it is because of this trust.” One happy customer wrote: “From top down they all display a can-do attitude that from my point of view inspires confidence. I have and will continue to recommend Hawkins Ltd to anyone needing any asbestos-related activities, from surveying to large scale removal projects.” This clean and honest method of doing business starts on the inside. The company cultivates trust and honesty with their employees and forms strong relationships within. Promotions come from within first. “There is no ‘them and us’ policy,” Dean said of his employees. “We are all in it together and I strongly believe that is why we deliver the quality service that we do.” “Like all good companies, it isn’t one person that makes the difference but all working together! I would like to thank my staff and operatives for all their valued effort and loyalty over the years. Without them, we would not be where we are today.” Taking over the family business can be a tough responsibility, but Dean has managed well. He has adapted the company to include a small projects team of general building and reinstatement works. It has proven a great success in the domestic sector. He has also started an independent electrical works company. Eventually, he plans to bring all services together under Hawkins Group Services Ltd, which will allow them to bring their exemplary service to new customers and new industries. All of this is to build on the success of his father, and to leave a legacy for his own son, Mason, to take forward in years to come. It truly is a family business. Company: Hawkins Insulation Ltd Contact: Dean Hawkins Website: “We are all in it together and I strongly believe that is why we deliver the quality service that we do.”