Southern Enterprise Awards 2020

54 | Southern Enterprise Awards 2020 Aug20697 Sustainability is something that everyone can do, regardless of the myths behind its difficulty. Living in a way that is green and sustainable is good for all parties, including those who choose to live that way and the environment that benefits from a lack of damaging repercussions. Today, we take a closer look at the inspiring story behind GreenWise, a specialty food retailer that is doing everything it possibly can to encourage sustainability and making a difference, no matter how small. Co-owned by South African expats Tracey and Ty since March 2019, GreenWise offers a wide range of alternative products to retail customers in the villages of Fetcham and Ashtead in Surrey, the majority of which are made in environmentally-friendly, sustainable, and ethical ways. From UK-made zero waste cleaning products and a range of plastic and packaging- free wholefoods, to locally-sourced zero waste Gelato bars and sustainably-framed local meat products, GreenWise exemplifies everything that is good about shopping sustainably. Not only that, but the retailer also supports a number of other local markers and businesses too, stocking their artisanal products and helping bring their products to the market. GreenWise is on a mission to make greener choices easier for everybody, and make the products more accessible to communities. However, the story of GreenWise does not begin in England. Rather, it started with Tracey and Ty, and their strength of vision and complimentary talents. Tracey was passionate about the environment from a young age, whilst Ty grew up as part of a family that worked in the South African grocery trade. For the both of them, there were concerns about the wastage of food and packaging, and the impact it was having on the environment. For each of them, that concern looked different but it resulted in the same outcome. Both moved to Surrey, and found each other through Greenwise; Ty opened the store eight years ago and it has been a local favourite in the Fetcham area ever since . Together, these passionate and talented individuals work to bring Surrey nutritious and wholesome food in the most environmentally-friendly way possible. Now firmly established, GreenWise has carved out a reputation for excellence in providing Best Specialty Food Retailer 2020 – Surrey & Distinction Award for Community Impact Initiatives 2020 nutritious and wholesome food, as well as reduced packaging and plastic, local sourcing, friendly and knowledgeable service in store, and ease of service. One particularly outstanding aspect of the service at GreenWise is that the retailer is one of only a very few outlets that offers the use of dry food dispensers. With this system, shoppers can purchase a wide range of product using either their own containers, or recyclable brown bags supplied by the retailer itself. Dispenser systems can be used for pasta, grains, cereals, nuts, seeds, sugar, tea, and coffee. There are also multiple trends that have permeated the shopping industry, with particular reference to the world of sustainable shopping. GreenWise has found that customers are shopping more cautiously than before, and there has been a significant drop in the use of packaging-free foods. The firm has also started a programme of change to introduce more product lines, adding to the offer of sustainable living and hoping that this also brings in new customers who can be shown the joy of sustainable shopping and living. All of the staff are trained personally by Tracey and Ty to ensure that they are fully aware of these trends and changes within the retail space, but also to ensure that they know what is most important when it comes to shopping and living sustainably. Having a shopping experience that is both easy to navigate and good for the environment is hard to find, but it speaks to the passion and dedication of both Tracey and Ty that they have made GreenWise into exactly that. At a time when the world is increasingly focused on finding sustainable ways to do things, GreenWise stands out as a truly exceptional shopping experience for sustainable goods that are perfect for everyone. Long may its success continue. Contact: Tracey Armston-Harwood Website: GreenWise Fetchem Group Limited For the both of them, there were concerns about the wastage of food and packaging, and the impact it was having on the environment.