Southern Enterprise Awards 2020

60 | Southern Enterprise Awards 2020 Sep20384 Affordable Glamour: this is the experience that is guaranteed at Mr White’s English Chophouse, Dover which boasts exquisite food in an inimitable location, all at a surprisingly accessible price point. Led by its figure head, Marco Pierre White, Mr White’s only uses well-sourced, quality ingredients to curate timeless menus that satisfy all appetites and taste-buds. Perched on the waterfront in Dover Marina Hotel & Spa with spectacular panoramic views of the English channel that extend all the way to France on a good day is Mr White’s English Chophouse, Dover, the perfect restaurant for an intimate dinner for two, a family celebration and everything in between. Mr White’s unparalleled menus are lovingly put together by the restaurant’s figure head, Michelin star chef, Marco Pierre White, cleverly mingling English classics with a certain French ‘je ne sais quoi’ and completed by a compendious selection of drinks featuring the most exquisite cocktails. Made with high quality ingredients that are sourced from producers and suppliers who are in close proximity to the restaurant itself, Mr White’s menus are timeless, delectable and affordable. Surrounded by beautiful landscapes and ideally situated between London and Europe, Mr White’s is able to make the most of a diverse clientele. Although associated with one of the best and most distinguished chefs in the world, Mr White’s takes pride in offering its glorious food at an accessible price point, achieving its principal mission to enable everyone to enjoy incredible food in a beautiful location. Accordingly, ‘affordable glamour’ is the restaurant’s ethos, and this is what is delivered to each of its guests. The exceptional culinary experience would not be possible without the front-of-house or kitchen staff in which Mr White’s takes such great pride. Many of the team, despite being very young, have been with the restaurant for many years, honing their technical skills and growing into their full potential through continual development and rigorous training. Using clear and robust training methods delivered in an equal balance of online platforms, regular team meetings and outings, Mr White’s ensures its staff all feel completely united in their drive to Best Cost-Effective Restaurant 2020 - Kent help the restaurant achieve its greatest potential. Whilst understanding and fulfilling the needs of the business, the Mr White’s team simultaneously gains the opportunity to learn, thrive and have fun. Like many within the hospitality sector, Mr White’s has felt the effects of the Covid-19 outbreak and resultant lockdowns. Focusing on the safety as well as the comfort of its guests, the restaurant has implemented strict measures in adherence with government guidance so that it can continue operating as far as possible. Whilst the ports have seen less activity as a result of the negative impacts on the ferry and cruise trade, Mr White’s has been incredibly grateful for the support of locals and ‘staycationers’ to get them through a challenging period. As such, the exceptional menus at Mr White’s have continued to be packed with delicious and affordable food and the service remains unparalleled. Now, Mr White’s is looking to evolve, beginning with the extension of its bar area to enable more guests to delight in both Mr White’s and its exceptional views. Over the coming months, the restaurant will also be teaming up with different suppliers to offer guests a new experience once a month. Guests will be able to enjoy a Whiskey pairing dinner, or a wine tasting with an award-winning producer, or a multitude of other indulgent experiences throughout the year. With its continued dedication to providing incredible food and exceptional service, all for affordable prices, Mr White’s remains undeterred by adversities such as Covid-19. Consequently, the restaurant will continue to attract clients from all across Europe who are looking to delight in the truly unique and exquisite dining experience that could only be found at Mr White’s. Contact: Suresh Singh, General Manager Phone: 01304 203633 Company: Dover Marina Hotel & Spa Web Address: Guests will be able to enjoy a Whiskey pairing dinner, or a wine tasting with an award-winning producer, or a multitude of other indulgent experiences throughout the year.