Southern Enterprise Awards 2020

62 | Southern Enterprise Awards 2020 Sep201051 Access to adequate sanitation is a crucial element in maintaining health and good quality of life. Saniflo Services Cornwall is committed to providing clients across Cornwall and the South-West with rapid and cost-effective sanitation solutions, so that they do not have to worry about this fundamental human need. Serving domestic, commercial and industrial clients, the female-led business has been providing specialist technical plumbing services for almost two decades and is not slowing down anytime soon. Established in 2002, Saniflo Services Cornwall and Liquid Engineering South-West Ltd is an independent, specialist technical plumbing services provider, specialising in the maintenance, repair and replacement of macerator and grey water pumps throughout Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. Primarily acting on behalf of Saniflo SFA Group, the world leader in the plumbing industry as a result of the ground-breaking above-floor technology used in Saniflo pumps, Saniflo Services Cornwall predominantly deals in the maintenance of Saniflo equipment. This technology provides plumbing solutions that allow the installation of any sanitary application in almost any location, something which is often not feasible with conventional gravity drainage systems. The limitations of conventional gravity drainage systems can prevent people from being able to improve and adapt their homes as their lives and needs change over time and ineffective waste water systems can rapidly become a health hazard when not dealt with promptly. In addition, for commercial and industrial enterprises, problems in sanitation systems can slow down or even bring business activity to a complete halt. Therefore, Saniflo Services Cornwall prides itself on being an efficient and cost-effective solutions provider, enabling clients to make the most of the facilities in their homes or businesses without ever worrying about their access to good sanitation systems. Led by Lyn Bester-Johnson, Saniflo Services Cornwall takes pride in implementing its vast industry knowledge, experience and exceptional customer service into its work, whether they Best Independent Plumbing & Technical Services 2020 - Cornwall be serving domestic users, commercial settings such as hotels, or large industrial sites such as hospitals and factories. With the same mission as Saniflo Services Cornwall began with, to improve the quality of life for clients across the South-West of England, the growing business is unparalleled in its abilities to resolve a broad spectrum of plumbing issues so efficiently and affordably. Combined with the friendly professionalism of Lyn and her team, Saniflo Services Cornwall’s expertise is adeptly implemented to solve even the most complex plumbing problems. Employing persistence and desire to achieve total customer satisfaction, Saniflo Services Cornwall works hard to get results, finding successful and sustainable solutions that will provide a better quality of life for Saniflo users. Rarely has this devotion to higher standards of customer care been so vital as it is during the current adverse climates of Covid-19. Alongside offering efficient solutions and flexible payment options to their hard-hit clients in the commercial and hospitality sectors, Saniflo Services Cornwall is also supporting care homes using macerator machines, ensuring that their operations have been meticulously adapted to guarantee the safety and wellbeing of residents and staff, as well as the Saniflo team itself. In what is undoubtedly a worrying time, Saniflo Services Cornwall’s conscientious and caring ethos to customer service is more valuable than ever. Despite the current uncertainties continuing to face Saniflo Services Cornwall and its clients, the company remains excited about the future, as they look to recruit more staff to facilitate the development and continued provision of reliable, high-quality and expert services for years to come. What started as a single-person part- time operation has evolved over the eighteen years to become a strong and growing team. With the support and opportunities created by Saniflo SFA Group, Lyn and her team can look ahead to a bright and promising future, that will begin with relocation of their premises in order to centralise their operations and provide a good working environment. It’s an exciting time of change for the firm, that is bringing an abundance of potential for progress that Saniflo Services Cornwall is eager to make the most of as they gear up for another busy year ahead. Contact: Kathleen Kosh Web Address: