Southern Enterprise Awards 2020

64 | Southern Enterprise Awards 2020 Natural landscapes are beautiful things, and can be used for a myriad of purposes, but mostly just to admire in the beautiful British countryside. However, there can be certain things that taint the image of a picturesque countryside, such as rogue tree stumps. A specific aspect to be sure, but one that requires a deft touch when being dealt with. That is exactly what the team at No More Stumps specialises in. To find out more about the work that No More Stumps does, we profile the firm. Simply put, No More Stumps is a tree stump removal business. The excellence of the business goes much deeper than just that, however. Embodying everything that is good about the garden maintenance industry of the United Kingdom, No More Stumps knows exactly what it wants to do, and sets about doing just that. Unlike most tree-focused companies, this one solely specialises in tree stump removal. An advantageous aspect to the firm, given that it can often partner with other firms to get more business without ever having the risk of being accused of poaching the felling Best Garden Maintenance Firm 2020 - South West England Aug20591 of trees, or garden maintenance jobs from its partners. Tree stump removal is a specific task, but there are many who can benefit from it, such as golf courses, large estates, local councils, property developers, and anyone else who has a tree stump causing them issues. Despite the firm’s service niche, there are competitors that No More Stumps strives to remain ahead of. The majority of these competitors are tree surgery companies, but the reason that this firm remains the best option for its clients is that its business has been designed to focus solely on tree stump removal. Not only does this make No More Stumps more cost-effective than other firms, but it also ensures that it has become a firm of true experts when it comes to removing tree stumps. As if that weren’t enough of a unique selling point, No More Stumps make sure that all of its staff are fully qualified and insured. To other tree surgeons, the firm offers discounted rates as an incentive for them to add this service to the job that they are currently working on. The south of the United Kingdom is one of the most beautiful places to live in the country, full of rolling hills and magnificent views. From a business perspective, having such a wealth of gorgeous countryside on the doorstep means good business opportunities for the team at No More Stumps. Internally, the firm’s culture is all about achieving a balanced lifestyle between home and work. Co-founders Liam and Rico began No More Stumps as a reaction to finding themselves working long hours that caused them to miss key moments with their young families at home. Rather than be constantly asking for permission to go parents’ evenings and sports days, Liam and Rico set about setting up their own company and work their own hours. At present, it remains just Liam and Rico as company directors, but the pair are close to being in a position where they can add to the team and grow the service provided. Before that expansion can happen though, Liam and Rico will be searching for the right people to come on board. As long as someone is hard-working and family-oriented, the pair are confident that the rest can be taught along the way. Just because No More Stumps is not in a position to expand right now has not prevented Liam and Rico from taking steps to improve the business. The pair have recently purchased a new Carlton SP7015trx Stump Grinder, which is one of the most effective in the United Kingdom. No More Stumps is also in the process of ordering a new replacement for its original machine, and this will make sure that the firm has the best and most up-to-date engines that will preserve the environment better than before. Preserving and maintaining England’s impeccable countryside is absolutely imperative, especially with so much of it congregating in the South where No More Stumps resides and works. Together, Liam and Rico have created a firm that specialises, and delivers a very special service for those who love to admire the wonder and beauty of England’s natural countryside. Contact: Rico Swan Tel: 07305070870 Website: