Southern Enterprise Awards 2020

65 | Southern Enterprise Awards 2020 Aug20578 Best Corporate Event AV Solutions Provider 2020 What makes an event memorable? That is what X3 has sought to understand, and thereby bring to life for its clients. Working closely with business in pharmaceutical, cosmetic, automotive, and financial to name but a few, X3 has grown to become a global and European audio-visual solutions provider for events ranging from small board meetings through to large conferences and beyond. From the outset, the core values of the firm have remained the staples of its business. Simple and seamless service means that the firm keeps it real when talking to clients, steering clear of confusing industry jargon and instead using its extensive in-house capabilities to take care of how clients look and sound so that they can focus on other priorities of their events. Outstanding customer service is paramount, and it is what X3 prides itself on with proactive team members who can take stress away at the drop of a hat. As far as actual services go, X3 works with event and conference production, digital even solutions, and event content creation. The former includes producing conferences, gala dinners, award ceremonies, and product launches amongst others, whilst the latter two focus on digital event production and technology, as well as the design of event content such as slide decks and video clips. However, 2020 has seen the events industry suffer major setbacks as a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent shutdown across much of Europe. However, as a resilient sector, it has found ways to survive and thrive in this new climate. X3 has also found similar way to adapt its services, and continue providing excellence. Many events and meetings have been postponed physically, but businesses and brands have pivoted to hold these as virtual events instead. The sudden switch to virtual Founded in 2013, X3 Solutions is a creative and service-focused AV company that specialises in the creation and production of live and virtual events and conferences. Helping clients bring to life memorable and standout event experiences, the firm provides expert advice and extensive AV industry knowledge to deliver audio-visual solutions that are one step ahead of client’s expectations, and align with their specific needs and requirements. We find out more following the firm’s success in this years’ Southern Enterprise Awards from SME News Magazine. has exposed the range of opportunities that digital solutions offer, so X3 has rightly anticipated that a return to normality will likely result in a myriad of hybrid events taking centre stage. As a result of this emerging trend, the AV industry will have to respond and provide expertise for both the live and virtual components of its customers’ events. Clients will look to X3 to ensure the production elements of both aspects can work seamlessly to unify online and offline experiences. As a business, X3 has already offered and specialised in digital event production solutions, but 2020 has seen it become one of the firm’s core offerings in keeping clients connected with their global audiences. On top of the outward-facing excellence that X3 consistently shows, it also has an exceptional internal team that boasts more than a quarter of a century’s combined experience. Each of the team brings an extensive knowledge of the AV industry, as well as their unique specialisms to the table. As part of a creative and technology- led industry, the team is actively encouraged to open up new opportunities, push boundaries, and enhance its offering. By giving everyone a voice in an environment where it is valued, X3 is able to solidify its team, which increases productivity and produces employees that want to advocate the business by providing the highest level of service in every aspect of what they do. Looking to the future, X3 has plans for continued investment into both the team and the latest technology that they use on a daily basis. Having already embraced the current restrictions by expanding its onsite studio equipped with green screen and the latest 4DK cameras, X3 is ensuring it continues to evolve and pivot to accommodate the changing needs of its clients. The firm has also recently hired in a new trainee production engineer, committing to the future of the events industry with the latest talent, and taking the current situation as a positive to ensure a bright future for the business. Now is the time for expansion into virtual events, and for those looking to make it incredibly memorable, X3 is the way to go. Contact: Martin Newell Website: ...2020 has seen it become one of the firm’s core offerings in keeping clients connected with their global audiences.