Southern Enterprise Awards 2020

70 | Southern Enterprise Awards 2020 Sep20897 Construction and building services often get a bad reputation, but there are some truly outstanding businesses out there doing work for clients. Take Garda Construction Limited as a perfect example. The firm excels at providing quality building work and services for a myriad of clients and organisations, ranging from some of the most stunning new builds, to extension work and refurbishments, to internal projects such as walling. To find out more about Garda Construction, and how it is setting the standard for client service excellence in Berkshire’s construction industry, we took a closer look at the business. Four decades of construction and building experience is nothing to baulk at, and can often lead to innovative solutions for problems that clients have dealt with for years. Garda Construction brings four decades of experience, and so much more to the table in its provision of quality building services to clients all over Berkshire. A family-run company that understands what it means to be tight- knit and goal-oriented, Garda Construction is a truly outstanding firm of the highest calibre. Whether it be delivering exceptional new builds, extensions, refurbishments, patios, walling, or any other part of a home-based job, Garda Construction will always see it done to the highest possible standard. The firm can, and will, manage every project from its conception right through to its completion, working alongside fully qualified and experienced sub- contractors to ensure that the client is informed at each build stage. With forty years’ experience at their back, the team at Garda Construction are more than capable of delivering a quality and competitively-priced building experience for any client. That wealth of experience that the firm brings also paves the way for it to be able to overcome any unforeseen issues that can often arise throughout the duration of a building project. Anything can happen that might derail a project’s timeline or budget, but Garda Construction has all the experience necessary to help deal with those. Crucially, Garda Construction ensures that it always discusses these issues with its clients, therefore arriving at the best solution for all problems. Clients can rest assured that there will be no hidden surprises at the end of the process; Garda Construction ensures total transparency Best Family-Run Construction Company 2020 – Berkshire & Distinction Award for Client Service Excellence 2020 Garda Construction Limited in communication throughout all of its services. COVID-19 has unfortunately played its part on the construction industry, despite it being amongst the first to return to working post-lockdown. Due to the virus and its various effects, Garda Construction was subject to some material delays during 2020, which it was able to forewarn its clients of and thereby mitigate any impactful delays in terms of projects. Also, the impact of social distancing has been felt by both Garda Construction and its clients. Due to social distancing, the firm was able to undertake projects that involved no direct client contact by putting suitable measures in place in a timely manner. COVID-19 has also meant that more people are spending time at home, and therefore more willing to spend money on improving their homes, increasing the size of their existing property, or simply look at buying a brand new one. As a family-run business, Garda Construction understands the importance of having a home space that does not feel like a prison during lockdown. With its ethos of high customer service from beginning to end, the firm has well and truly established itself as an outstanding construction and building business. Ultimately, Garda Construction is a benchmark of excellence in an industry that is subject to criticism too often. This business understands the value of a home, and works tirelessly to make sure that clients have their perfect space. Company: Garda Construction Limited Contact: Terry Jones Website: Due to social distancing, the firm was able to undertake projects that involved no direct client contact by putting suitable measures in place in a timely manner.