Southern Enterprise Awards 2020

77 | Southern Enterprise Awards 2020 Leadership is a hot topic at the moment, as the world watches on to see how leaders around the world are coping with the COVID-19 crisis. However, there have been stories of exceptional leadership at a local level also, with businesses choosing how best to handle the crisis. For those in search of truly outstanding and dynamic leadership training, there is only one place to turn; The Audacious Training Company. We find out more. The Audacious Training Company is an offline and online training provider in the areas of Change Leadership, Change Management, Sales, LinkedIn, and Presentation skills. It was founded on the core principles of education, motivation, and empowerment, and all of its taught material is original in its creation and delivery, is research-backed, and is highly practical. Using real world experiences from the legal, automotive, financial, manufacturing, and health sectors, The Audacious Training Company works with clients that include foundries in Stoke and manufacturing facilities in Birmingham, as well as banks in Dubai and insurance companies in Thailand. It is a global firm that encompasses what it means to be audacious, bold, inventive, innovative, and unconstrained by previous ideas. All of the courses and training events run by The Audacious Training Company are meticulously designed with these ideas in mind, and are aimed at developing leaders, managers, consultants, and speakers, whether they be employed or self- employed. These individuals are those in society who seek to take bold action, deliver inventive solutions, creative innovative results, and are not constrained by past success or failure. One of the trends currently circulating in the training sector is leaning towards more online facilitation, which is perceived as being more cost-effective and safe from COVID-19. This has given rise to a vast array of platforms which allow for this facilitation, and The Audacious Training Company has had to adapt to these. Some of these platforms are very good at what they offer, and the facility they provide. However, there is no universal agreement on a standard for these platforms, and that is something that The Audacious Training Company is watching very closely indeed. Consequently, most training providers use two or three platforms to accommodate as many of their clients as Most Dynamic International Leadership Training Consultancy 2020 Sep20530 possible. Whilst this may work for now, given the situation with COVID-19 still spreading and causing widespread lockdown in the United Kingdom at least, there is a general consensus amongst the staff at The Audacious Training Company that traditional and in-house training will return as soon as it is safe for it to do so. Despite the firm being a global one in terms of its training and its clients, it is actually based in the South West of England. Having a business where the client base is predominantly national and international does require a lot of travel, but the region in which the firm is based does provide The Audacious Training Company with great work and life balance. The fantastic coastline, generally milder climate, and proximity to Dartmoor all provide an excellent environment in which to work. With easy access to Heathrow, the Midlands, and London as well, it is perfect. The future is bright for the business, despite the current challenges which have caused so much disruption. A week prior to lockdown in the United Kingdom, The Audacious Training Company set up an online morning Zoom call for business owners in the South West, primarily so that they could have a place to find connection, inspiration, motivation, and support during an understandably difficult time. Dubbed, The Empowerment Group, it ran every weekday morning for more than 130 days, and it became this amazing thing that people wanted to be a part of. People were allowed to share stories, expertise, thoughts, ideas, and so much more. As outstanding as the firm is, so too is the desire to bring leaders together in a way that ensures they can support one another. Ongoing leadership training is a communal experience, and The Audacious Training Company has made sure of its excellence by supporting as many business leaders in the South West of England, and the wider world, as it possibly can. Company: The Audacious Training Company Contact: Vic Williams Website: The future is bright for the business, despite the current challenges which have caused so much disruption.