Southern Enterprise Awards 2020

8 | Southern Enterprise Awards 2020 clients. The pandemic has forced manufacturers to look differently as to how they manufacturer. Having to provide workplaces that are COVID- secure in line with the government’s guidelines has meant customers have had to run different shift patterns, slipping their staff often on systems that feature seven days and three shifts. What this has shown customers is various weaknesses in their efficiency. The focus now is instead on better utilisation of existing equipment and higher efficiency. Citizen Machinery is a technologically advanced company, and has therefore focused its efforts heavily in unmanned operations through automation and Industry 4.0 compliant systems. The firm can therefore help customers achieve more for less, often resulting in a 100% increase in return on investment. Customers begin to realise that they can do more for less by investing in the latest machinery and manufacturing process technologies. Citizen Machinery’s LFV technology alone has resulted in 50% efficiency gains over machines which do not have this Low Frequency Vibration cutting technology. In essence, this allows for more stable manufacturing processes, and has increased customers’ yield significantly. Outside of the industry, the geographical location of Citizen Machinery has also played into its success, and that of its clients. The South of England has always been innovative, with key sectors such as aircraft, marine, pump, hydraulics, pneumatics, and medical all existing in the South. Historically, different parts of the country have worked in different manufacturing sectors, but the South has been found to have a unique and broad range of industry types for Citizen Machinery to tap into. Entrepreneurial and start-up companies exist throughout the United Kingdom, but the firm has seen a higher concentration in the South, around places such as Oxford, Cambridge, London, and much of the South East in particular. As a result, Citizen Machinery has built up a large customer base spread evenly throughout the South of the United Kingdom. Internally speaking, the culture at Citizen Machinery is just as exceptional and outstanding as the service provided. Believing that it can always do better for itself and for its clients, Citizen Machinery has autonomy at all levels, and the staff have no fear of retribution in making a decision. They are actively encouraged to be inventive, supportive, and to always do the right thing by the company, and also by the customer. Citizen Machinery spends a great deal of time, money, and efforts in supporting, evaluating, and growing the staff, with a minimum of five percent of all staff time spent on training that feeds into a culture of growth. Promotions are made from within where possible, and everybody contributes towards this culture of organic development.