Southern Enterprise Awards 2020

81 | Southern Enterprise Awards 2020 Sep201115 For a little over two decades, Link Instruments has been developing products with a specialisation in ultrasound technology. Since 1998 when just a small team of electronic engineers took on the task, the firm has since grown to become a truly outstanding firm with a singular goal and a clear vision of how to get there. To find out more about this outstanding double-award-winner, we profile the firm following its success in this years’ Southern Enterprise Awards from SME News Magazine. Back in 1998 when Link Instruments was first founded, there was a specific interest in the fire, oil, and gas, and marine sectors for using ultrasound technology. Link Instruments developed first an ultrasonic level detector for fire systems. This may not have been the first on the market, but it quickly became one of the market leaders for sales figures across the world. The firm also looked at other alternatives for measuring liquid levels, and has subsequently found a number of solutions for its clients that includes using heat-sensitive strips, as well as developing an intrinsically safe detector for the same purpose. Link Instrument’s client base is today stretched across the marine sector, with many major shipping companies, as well as many fire companies which are household names in the United Kingdom. The firm’s core values remain focused on maintaining an honest commitment to finding solutions for clients in developing reliable products with competitive market value. Link Instruments has grown to meet its objectives at every turn, incorporating design and manufacture stages to a development into its own facilities. This allows stringent controls of the process, and a quality control system that is more than thorough. By keeping the whole process in-house, the firm has been able to guarantee product reliability and competitive pricing and performance that matches any other business in the industry. Link Instruments also boasts a technical advice service, which has been able to solve measuring problems on certain cylinders, and its team of experts are willing to travel to help solve more complex problems with cylinders all over the world. Link Instruments delivers quality products with a technical team that is always on hand to help. As with many other industries in the world, and the region of South of England, COVID-19 LINK Instruments has played a crucial role in the way the year has unfolded for Link Instruments. Currently, the firm is seeing more export on its main products, which had a big dip earlier in the year when the virus first reared its ugly head. 2020 has unfortunately meant fewer new development projects because of COVID-19, given that industries have suffered and work is still not back on track. Yet, the internal culture at Link Instruments is not allowing COVID-19 to get the better of the firm. There is constant excellence in customer service, and the team are always striving to be ready for whatever tomorrow brings. The dedication of the staff is quite remarkable, adapting their daily routines to suit the needs of clients all over the world, whether it be an early start for an Australian client, or a late finish for a business in the United States. Looking ahead to the future bears great excitement for the team at Link Instruments. Amongst those future plans are some that feature expansion of the product range on the website. This expansion will include more products from other British companies working with similar industries, and Link Instruments will aim to market them alongside the firm’s own products. As well as this, the firm hopes to attract more design and development projects, driving the need to increase the department size and therefore take on a lot more small-scale production, something that the firm is fully equipped to do. Having never missed a deadline, there is simply no reason for a company not to put their trust in Link Instruments. Its innovation is plain to see, with the ultrasonic instruments provided for fixed fire systems amongst the first in the worldwide. Ultimately, Link Instruments has carved out a reputation that is wholly deserved; a reputation of excellence and exceptionality within its field. Clients are satisfied, and the firm has its sight set squarely on growth and more success. Contact: Iain Christie Website: Best Ultrasonic Instruments Manufacturer 2020 & Innovation Award in Electronics Design 2020