Southern Enterprise Awards 2020

82 | Southern Enterprise Awards 2020 Aug20428 Healthcare is one of the most complex industry sectors, and the challenges of this industry have been laid bare by the COVID-19 crisis. Practical solutions that make a material difference to patients are paramount, and are exactly what the team from J Lawry Healthcare Management Ltd provide. Offering complete PMO and project management services, they are worthy winners in the Southern Enterprise Awards 2020. We dig a little more deeply to find out more. A background in sports physiotherapy led Jan Lawry to her current role of immense success as director at J Lawry Healthcare Management. It gave her a unique perspective on the healthcare industry which has allowed her business to work across the board in healthcare, wellbeing and the promotion of a healthier lifestyle. Collaborating with senior leaders in the UK’s NHS as well as with politicians and business influencers in the Channel Islands, her management skills have had a major impact on the experience of patients and their families at troubling times. Healthcare is obviously an invaluable asset, but it is by no means a perfect market. It’s essential that the industry continue to strive for better outcomes and experiences for all. For the last decade and a half, Jan has been a key part of ensuring that improvement. Her team offers project management services that can take a project from its inception through to the final evaluation. Because Jan comes from a clinical background, she finds that she and her team can effortlessly ‘talk the talk’ and build an effective rapport with clients. The healthcare industry is in constant flux, and being able to adapt quickly not only to the needs of a client, but to the changing world of the UK’s healthcare sector is an invaluable aid to success. Since starting business, J Lawry Healthcare Management has become a trusted name for its services to not only the NHS, but to a major pharmaceutical company delivering a summit on ovarian cancer and to the states of Guernsey which has recently expanded its colon cancer screening service. A detailed report that Jan and her team submitted saw an NHS organisation gain £500,000 in quality improvement funding. This allowed for improvement of long-term musculoskeletal conditions thanks to the Leaders in Healthcare Portfolio Management - UK implementation of a national initiative to ensure patients receive the right care, by the right clinician at the right time. The work that Jan has undertaken has seen invaluable change for patients around the world, and 2020 has continued this exciting trend. Despite the challenges thrown up by the COVID-19 pandemic, she has been kept busy. In fact, her services have been in higher demand than ever before. The values that have kept J Lawry Healthcare Management in such high demand, namely a cost-effective, agile approach, have become even more important in the last ten months. Recently, the team have developed an evaluation of Mental Health Interface with Primary Care, Post COVID19 rehabilitation and Rapid Community Response for the NHS. Like all of the team’s reports, it is designed specifically to be patient and community centric. Obviously, the recent circumstances have demanded a slightly different approach be taken and all of the work has been done remotely. This change in style has not affected the team’s commitment to high standards, with reports being delivered on time and on budget. Delivering vital information, in a form that can not only easily understood but effectively implemented, is at the heart of the J Lawry Healthcare Management approach. It’s why the NHS turned to this team when it had to respond to an unprecedented situation and figuring out a way forward. Beyond the usual scope of project management in the challenging world that is healthcare, this is an achievement that is worth celebrating. Contact: Jan Lawry Web Address: Her team offers project management services that can take a project from its inception through to the final evaluation.