Southern Enterprise Awards 2020

85 | Southern Enterprise Awards 2020 Sep20116 Kiosks and self-service touchscreens are now a commonplace feature in many of British shoppers’ favourite retail destinations. Yet, do we take for granted the hard work, innovation, and manufacturing excellence that goes into creating them? Kiosks4business Ltd (K4B) is a firm that is dedicated to ensuring that the design and manufacture of these kiosks is nothing less than perfection. Find out more as we take a closer look behind the screen that so many of us use on a daily basis. Since its inception, K4B has been responsible for designing and manufacturing self-service touchscreen kiosks where the emphasis is on stunning style and functional technology that is designed to fit the shape and styling. The firm often works with and appeals to organisations that really care about their branding, see value in going digital, and want to offer a quality self-service option. Everyone wants the latest smartphone or tablet, and K4B offers the ultimate in kiosk design to appeal to the same set of people within a business and retail setting. The firm’s mission is to offer the best-looking self-service kiosks, but with the right technology to fit the application. Most of the work carried out by K4B is custom-designed for a specific purpose and customer, and all of the designs seek to push the boundaries in aesthetic design of metal in the form of touchscreen kiosks. The customers that are served by K4B can rest assured that the quality of build and the function of technology that the firm provides is of the highest possible calibre. Coupled with a physical design that oozes style and simplicity, these kiosks and touchscreens from K4B are truly unique. Generally speaking, anything that is custom-designed is often expensive, or can only be done if the customer is prepared to buy in large volume. K4B has specialised in appealing to organisations who do want their own unique design, and have a mid-to-large and long-term requirement for self-service kiosks, and are prepared to pay a bit more for the uniqueness and quality when compared with regular off-the-shelf kiosks. Additionally, Best Touchscreen Kiosk Design & Manufacturing Business - Europe K4B has very rarely had to service its kiosks, which is another reason why the customers on the continent are entirely happy in entrusting their business to the firm’s technology, despite the international nature of business. Exportation does play a great role in the success of K4B over the course of more than ten years of business. The export side of the business has seen such an increase in demand for quality products that are designed and built in the United Kingdom. Is it any wonder, when people are more reluctant to queue for things nowadays? Society has become instantly accessible for many people, and the idea of having to wait seems alien somehow. K4B and its technologically-advanced self-service kiosks ensures that people can serve themselves and get on with their day. When coupled with the rise of COVID-19 and the need for social distancing, the case for self-service kiosks gathers an even more compelling status. It is about more than just the quality of the product however; K4B wants to ensure total excellence within its customer service also. Clients can make a call at any time, and the team are on hand to answer any questions that they may have regarding the product. Cutting-edge technology and manufacturing techniques ensures that K4B keeps pace with its customers’ expectations, whilst the firm only hires individuals who have these similar passions and beliefs in what these kiosks should be. Ultimately, it is all about the pace at which technology evolves, and how much people are willing to embrace the advantages these evolutions bring. To make the most out of these technological evolutions, K4B forges a way forward that adds stylish hardware and exceptional technology to kiosk touchscreens and so much more. K4B is a truly outstanding British business, offering better ways of living for everyone and forging its own successful story along the way. Contact: Nick Lidington Website: K4B and its technologically-advanced self-service kiosks ensures that people can serve themselves and get on with their day.